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Jennifer Aniston Has a Goddess Circle, Do You?

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | September 11, 2019 |

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | September 11, 2019 |


One of the best things about being super f*cking rich is that you get away with weird s*it that if someone who was poor tried it, would be met with eye rolls and the jerk-off motion. I mean, I’m not rich by any stretch of the imagination, but if I were, I’m sure I’d make anyone who came to my home spend at least 5 minutes in my ghost closet (a thing I definitely just made up and not something I’ve thought about for years) where I would insist they sit in absolute darkness and commune with ghosts, because I could simply not have a person without a ghostly spirit attached to them in my home.

That sounds bananas, yes?

I mean, of course it’s bananas, but also I’m sure if I had a few billion dollars people would do it because that’s just how life is for rich people. It’s a daily parade of ghost closets, jewel-encrusted collars for your pet zebras, and if you’re Jennifer Aniston, regular time in the goddess circle.

Yup, unlike my (hypothetical) ghost cloest, Jen most definitely has a goddess circle and has for years, which she revealed to The New York Times in their profile on her.

Now the goddess circle sounds more like a ritual and not a physical thing, per se, but it’s still definitely one of those things that you can only get away with talking about if you’re super rich, or someone’s kooky aunt who lives in Sedona (if you’re lucky, that person is one and the same!)

Per the article:

The women landed safely, switched planes and, the next night, gathered for a ritual they’ve been doing for three decades: a goddess circle. Seated on cushions, cross-legged on the living room floor, they passed around a beechwood talking stick decorated with feathers and charms, much as they had done for every major event of their lives. They had circled before Aniston’s weddings to Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux. They circled when babies were born, and when Aniston and Theroux had to put down their dog, Dolly. This time they set the circle’s intention: to celebrate how far they’ve come — and to toast Aniston’s next chapter.

So, on the surface, it seems nice to get together with your girlfriends, drink wine (there has to be wine involved, yes?) and uh, set intentions? celebrate? I’m not super clear on what the goddess circle is, only that from the article’s perspective, it seems to be solely used to celebrate Jennifer Aniston. Are all goddess circles in celebration of Jennifer Aniston, or just this particular one?

Where the rich lady part comes in is the actual name “goddess circle” which is written of, unironically, and apparently, reverently. I dare you, the non-millionaires amongst us, to start using that phrase in your everyday life and see where it gets you.

Anyway, if this sounds like a case of life imitating art, you’re not alone. This whole goddess circle definitely reminds me of that season 2 episode of Friends, which I’ve embedded below.

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