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Jason Momoa and Girl Scout Cookies: A Match Made in Heaven

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | February 18, 2019 |

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | February 18, 2019 |


Truly, the only thing I miss about working in an office is someone’s parent coming around and selling Girl Scout cookies. I never bought that crappy wrapping paper they sold around Christmas or those horrible chocolate bars that kids sell throughout the year, but Girl Scout cookies? Please and thank you. I’ll buy all of the boxes, and I did, each year. Now I’m office-less, and as a result, Samoa-less (there is no such thing as a Caramel DeLite, wake up, sheeple!)

So it warmed the cold cockles of my heart when I read that a Girl Scout troop (with the help of their Marketing Exec mom) came up with a unique way to sell even more of the best Girl Scout cookie available (and yes, we can have words in the comments, but if you’re dumb enough to say those shortbread cookies are the best they have to offer, you get what you get.)

That’s right, folks, the troop based in Colorado came up with the genius idea to sell Jason Momoa Samoas, and as such, have pasted a picture of Aquaman himself on every box. Somehow it makes it seem classier when you end up eating an entire box in one sitting because you have no self-control and honestly, Girl Scout cookie season only comes once a year, so why not treat yo self?!

Personally, I think the troop should paste pics of Momoa on every box, even those gross, boring shortbread cookies, because everyone should be able to enjoy a side of Momoa with their cookies. The Girl Scouts are awesome—they’re inclusive and teach girls to be kind, involved members of society. Jason Momoa is awesome (and easy on the eyes). In my mind, it’s a no-brainer. I hope the national association can solidify this partnership for all cookies going forward, because we all deserve a little more Momoa in our lives.

Barring that, here’s a video to put on while you eat those sweet, sweet Samoas. (Note, while I do not enjoy chocolate, once a year I find some joy in it, in the form of Samoas. I do not question it, nor do I wonder why. I simply let this be. I hope you understand.)

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