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It's Weird that Kiefer Sutherland and Jason Patric Are Still Best Friends

By Dustin Rowles | Celebrity | April 29, 2021 |

By Dustin Rowles | Celebrity | April 29, 2021 |


Way back in the day, before Netflix was digital and only sent DVD discs in red envelopes, it was fairly easy to watch everything worth watching in about a year’s time. I mean, there was The Wire and Veronica Mars and The Sopranos and Six Feet Under, and a few months in, you’re watching Oz and Sex and the City and ER before you finally turn to anything that might be interesting with more than a few seasons because those sweet, sweet discs were like crack that we had to inject into our DVD players.

That’s how I came to watch more seasons of Smallville than I might want to admit. It was a good background show with a likable cast. That’s a long way of saying, “Yes, I watched Smallville, and yes, I listen to Michael Rosenbaum’s podcast, Inside of You,” although Rosenbaum’s best-ever performance was Breaking-In, a short-lived Fox sitcom with Christian Slater, where Rosenbaum basically played Brad Pitt in Burn After Reading.


Truthfully, much of what I like about the podcast is that Rosenbaum — like Justin Long — brings on a lot of the more mid-level celebrities who Maron and Dax and Conan might be too busy to book (although both Rosie and Long attract some A-listers, too).

To wit: This week on Michael Rosenbaum’s podcast, he had on … Jason Patric and Kiefer Sutherland. Together. That might not sound weird to you if you already knew that, a decade ago, they also starred together in the Broadway production of That Championship Season, a play that was originally written by Jason Patric’s father, Jason Miller, who won the Pulitizer for it (Jason Miller, FYI, was also the priest in The Exorcist, while Patric’s grandfather was Jackie Gleason, who Patric says was a cheap bastard who didn’t give his family a goddamn penny, even as they struggled with poverty).

The reason why it’s odd that Patric and Sutherland appeared in a play together ten years ago, or on a podcast together where they advertise themselves as best friends is because of what happened in 1991. At that time, Jason Patric and Kiefer Sutherland — who came up together on The Lost Boys — were also best friends.

But then in June of 1991, Julia Roberts called off her wedding to Kiefer Sutherland and a few days later, ran off to Ireland with … Jason Patric, which made Roberts’ 1999 hit, Runaway Bride, a little too on the nose.

Yet, Sutherland and Patric are still best friends?

Yes, yes they are. And the other thing that makes Rosenbaum a good podcast host is that he waited until the very end of the podcast — after he had completely disarmed Patric and Sutherland — to ask about the fall-out of that in the most casual, “Who cares? It was 30 years ago, so what?!” kind of way.

“We didn’t talk to each other for 20 years,” Jason Patric said during Rosenbaum’s podcast. Sutherland and Patric aren’t particularly keen to get into the details, though, because “she’s not here,” Patric says, “so I feel strange talking about what she told me, or what she told Kiefer. She can speak for herself.”

Sutherland does acknowledge that, in a Rolling Stone interview at some point, he did make a “joke about a country song. I said, ‘I lost my dog, my pick-up, and my best friend, and I miss my best friend.’ The press can do what it does, but that was a difficult time for me, and an uncomfortable time for [Patric and Roberts]. But the truth from where I’m coming from is, you fall in love, you fall in love. There’s nothing you can do about that. And she’s an extraordinary person, and he is, too, and timing is what it is, and everyone moves on from that.”

“When I saw [Kiefer] again 12 years ago or whatever” Patric continues, “It was a few words of this and that. It was more of a laugh and a toast, and I’ve said it in the press before: They’ve both subsequently been married since. A couple of times. They’re both very happy in their lives, and what lasted after all of that was me and Kiefer. Thirty-five-year buddies.”

“But I never got the truck back,” Kiefer jokes.

Source: Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum