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I Would Die for Baby Yoda. I’d Only Jaywalk for Baby Jabba.

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | January 20, 2020 |

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | January 20, 2020 |


Like anyone who watched The Mandalorian or had access to social media for the past few months, I love Baby Yoda. There is something incredibly pure and adorable about the slightly murderous, Force-sensitive green-skinned “child” (as the show calls them). As such when I saw that “Baby Jabba” was trending today, I immediately had to seek out what this creature would look like. Would Baby Jabba be as cute as Baby Yoda? Would I risk my life to protect this child, too?

I mean … maybe? Probably not, though. I’ll let you decide yourself. Baby Jabba, I should note, is not an official Disney/Star Wars creation but was made by an artist who probably asked a question “What would Baby Jabba look like?” and then decided to answer it.

Here’s another one:

As our own Roxana and others on the internet have pointed out, Baby Jabba looks a lot like an old friend of ours, who would probably scream at Baby Jabba, “Not the Baby! Not the Baby!” I am, of course, talking about this little guy, Baby Sinclair:

Which, fair, there is a strong resemblance, isn’t there?

Now, look. Baby Jabba is cute, but obviously Baby Yoda is cuter. I wouldn’t turn down a meeting of those two, because let’s be honest—that would be very cute, but if you’re asking me if I rank Baby Jabba as highly as Baby Yoda, the answer is a resounding no. Now, show me a baby rancor, and then we’re talking!

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