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How My Boozing Aided Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Income (and Freedom) Via the Duchy of Cornwall

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | January 19, 2020 |

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | January 19, 2020 |


Friends, it’s not every day you have a brush with greatness, and yet here I am, on this fine Sunday, realizing just that. See—the dust is beginning to settle on Meghan Markle and her husband’s correct choice to leave the Firm, aka the UK Royal family and some details are out. They’re giving up their titles, will repay taxpayer money for the renovation of their Windsor home, and continue to receive money via the Duchy of Cornwall.

Per People:

In addition to making it clear that Frogmore will continue to be their family home, Meghan and Harry — who have made it clear that they no longer want to rely on public funds — will meet the running costs of the home moving forward, royal sources tell PEOPLE. The couple is also expected to pay a commercial rent on the property.

Additionally, Prince Charles will continue to offer them private financial support.

Prince Charles’ primary source of income, if you’re not aware, is the Duchy of Cornwall. The Duchy owns a variety of properties across the UK, but we’re not here to talk about a “variety of properties” today. No, we’re here to talk about one, a pub called The Hole in the Wall, in a city in the South West of the UK called Exeter, of which the Duchy takes 10 percent of profits.

This city is important for a variety of reasons, including that it serves as the inspiration for the Harry Potter series, but perhaps more importantly for our purposes today, it’s where I lived for 3 years in my mid-twenties, which is the height of my go-out-make-bad-decisions phase (that phase continues on to this day … in my mid-thirties. Shut up. I’m living my life a quarter-mile at a time, OK?!)

If you’re picking up what I’m laying down, cool. You can skip ahead to the comments or go about your day as you see fit. If you’re not, I’ll make it more explicit.

See, I lived within stumbling walking distance of The Hole in the Wall, and it was a pub I went to frequently when I lived there. Granted, I was broke as a joke when I was in Exeter, but also I was (and still am) very bad with my money, so a large portion of my meager income was devoted to going out, and The Hole in the Wall was on my regular rotation (they sold very good street burgers outside of it, in one of those open-air grills you see catering specifically to drunk people. I was most definitely among their ranks from 2010-2013.)

So, if you think I’m claiming that I am (ever-so-slightly) responsible for Meghan Markle and her husband’s ability to walk away from being working Royals due to the Duchy of Cornwall agreeing to continue to supplement their income while they forge their own path because I used to drink regularly at one property (out of many) the Duchy owns, well, friend you are absolutely correct. What’s it to ya?! Can you just be cool about this, because I don’t have a whole lot going for me, other than a potential haunting in my apartment, and this claim to fame means a lot to me?


By the by, if you are thinking of frequenting The Hole in the Wall, I strongly recommend you not go expecting an upscale establishment—my (very) foggy memory of my nights out there recall that it was a no-frills sports bar where your best bet was ordering lager or ale. If you want to do your part by supporting Meghan and Co. I fully support this, just be sure to visit the Golden Horn kebab on your way home, and make sure you get the garlic mayo sauce with salad on your kebab to get the full “let’s make bad decisions” experience of Exeter and stave off the inevitable hangover in the morning.

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