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How Does President Angelina Jolie, Sound? Well, She’s Not Ruling It Out

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | April 3, 2019 |

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | April 3, 2019 |


Friends, when you close your eyes and think of a dystopian future, where yet another celebrity is our President, does Angelina Jolie come to mind?

I mean, she does work with the UN via the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), so if we had to have another celeb as a president, she’s probably more qualified than the Rock. Unless, that is, we determine muscles and co-starring roles in the Fast and Furious franchise as the most important qualities for President in the future, and honestly, after Trump is done with the office, that may not be so far-fetched.


Anyway, Angelina was asked about a hypothetical political future recently, and, well? She’s open to it. Per People:

But could Angelina Jolie ever see herself running for office?

“Never say never,” Jolie, 43, tells PEOPLE in the new issue. “[But ] right now I am looking to others for leadership.”

Oh thank god, we have some time.


Look, I like Angelina and I think she’s done some really excellent things with her fame in order to help other people. Per the same article in People:

Jolie’s a UNHCR Special Envoy who helps refugees who are fleeing war-torn countries; she’s also long used her platform to become one of the leading worldwide voices on women’s empowerment and safety, working with the Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict Initiative, which aims to curb rape as a weapon in both war and among those fleeing it.

That’s pretty cool, and frankly, when you stack it up against Trump, it blows his qualifications of being a noted racist and inheriting (and then blowing a substantial portion of) his father’s wealth, out of the water.


It’s just that… I want my political leaders to have political experience. That said, Jolie clearly has empathy and uses at least some of her time and resources to care about others, so I fully support her running at a less high-stakes level, like a local council member, or even Representative (anyone is more qualified for the position than noted and avowed racist Rep. Steve King, right?!) Just, please, for the love of god, not President until she’s had some governing experience. (Also, as an aside, if you’re thinking she’d be the first president with a tattoo, you’d be wrong. Teddy Roosevelt had one, and there’s a possibility that more had/have them, we just don’t know about it.)

Although, President Jolie, the one-time star of Foxfire does have a nice ring to it…certainly better than President Johnson, the one-time star of The Scorpion King and most definitely better than President Trump, the one-time glorified extra of Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.

Kate is a staff contributor. You can follow her on Twitter.

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