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How Are Mamie and Grace Gummer Two Different People? Is This a Prank?

By Vivian Kane | Celebrity | January 29, 2016 |

By Vivian Kane | Celebrity | January 29, 2016 |

News came out today that Grace Gummer (who is a talented and successful actress in her own right, but also lives under the impossible weight of forever being Meryl Streep’s daughter) has been cast in season two of Mr. Robot. From Variety,

She will play the role of Dominique “Dom” DiPierro, a young FBI field agent investigating the Evil Corp Hack masterminded by Elliot (Rami Malek). She uses her instinctive skills to try and track down the fsociety members and find answers.
This is pretty cool news. Any news on more Mr. Robot is exciting, and I like Gummer. She and Streep’s chemistry and combined talents totally elevated the mediocre Ricki and the Flash to something beyond watchable, but actually pretty damn…

Hold on. That’s not right, is it? I thought Streep’s daughter was named Mamie. Is that a nickname? Is she actually named Grace?

*One brief Google search later*

Well, shit, this is embarrassing. There are two of them? I’m sure I knew this. Right? I must have. I must have seen pictures of the two women and their mother together. I suppose I just never cared enough to file that information away in my brainspace. And, to my credit, these two aren’t twins since Mamie is a few years older, but they are clearly clones.

Seriously, how are these different people?

The internet tells me that this one is Mamie, who is on Emily Owens M.D. (which I don’t watch because it sounds like Felicity meets Grey’s Anatomy, but maybe I should because once I typed out that description, it also sounds like something I would LOVE).

And this is Grace, who was on The Newsroom after I stopped watching.

Mamie is on The Good Wife.

Grace is on American Horror Story.

Mamie was in Cake.

Grace was in Frances Ha.

This is Mamie.

This is Grace.

I think. I can’t feel too bad because I’m clearly not the only one in this confusion boat. According to the internet, this woman is both Mamie Gummer

And Grace Gummer.

Okay, I think I’ve this all sorted out, just as long as there doesn’t turn out to be a third sister or anyth—-



(P.S. There’s a brother, too.)

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