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Harvey Weinstein is a Convicted Rapist. His Legacy is Shot. He’s Going to Prison. It’s a Start.

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | February 24, 2020 |

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | February 24, 2020 |


In news no one is surprised by, but we’re all relieved by, Harvey Weinstein is a convicted rapist as of this morning. Sometimes Mondays do bring good things, friends.

Yes, this f*cker went down.

He didn’t go down as hard as we could have hoped for—he was convicted of the lesser charges, criminal sexual act in the first degree and rape in the third degree, and was found innocent of the heavier charges, two counts of predatory sexual assault, one count of rape in the first degree.

Naturally, it would have been a better Monday if he had been convicted of all charges, especially because the ones he was acquitted for carried heavier sentences. However, Harvey Weinstein is forever a convicted rapist. Let that sink in for a minute—because how many men have raped and not ever been legally branded a rapist, or faced consequences for being a rapist?

This monster threw everything he had at his defense, and he had a vast well of financial resources to pull from. He hired an odious woman who did her best to portray his victims as opportunists. He walked into court every day presenting himself as a frail man incapable of being able to physically overpower a woman—and still, he went down. Not for everything, but he is going to face consequences, and he is forever branded a rapist. There’s no more use of alleged. Harvey Weinstein is a rapist. For the rest of his life, and any time his name is mentioned after he dies, the asterisk of rapist will be next to his name. His legacy is shot. What he bullied his way so hard to achieve is ruined forever. Harvey Weinstein is a rapist.

Now here’s the good stuff—he faces prison. Not an insubstantial amount of it, either.

Per CNN:

Here are the sentencing guidelines for those charges: •Probation to four years in prison for rape in the third degree •At least five years in prison for criminal sexual act in the first degree

Here’s good news, too. He’s spending the time before he’s convicted in jail.

Harvey Weinstein, rapist, is 67 years old. He faces at least 5 years in prison, if not more. There is a good chance he will die there. Good. I hope that comforts the women whose charges he was found (legally) innocent of. He is branded a rapist. Forever. He, and they, know what he did.

There are more silver linings here: Harvey Weinstein, rapist, still faces four additional charges in Los Angeles. That means he potentially gets to go to court again and rack up more prison time in the city he once thought himself too powerful to ever face consequences in.

I agree that I wanted him to be convicted on all charges. However, rape is notoriously hard to prosecute. All an attacker has to say is that the assault was consensual (which is what his defense team relied on)—and if you’ve ever been on a jury, you know that sometimes you have to make concessions to get one or two jurors to agree to a charge. I’m not saying that happened here, but the larger point is—a conviction was achieved for a crime that disgustingly goes unpunished more often than not.

This is a win. Harvey Weinstein is a rapist and he will more than likely die in prison. Now, excuse me while I go put on some Kesha and celebrate for a bit. It’s so rare that powerful men face consequences for their violence against women. F*ck you, Harvey, you f*cking rapist. I hope you have no more good days in your disgusting, abusive life.

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