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Happy Women's Equality Day! Here Are Some of the Best Things Famous Women Have Said about Women

By Courtney Enlow | Celebrity | August 26, 2016 |

By Courtney Enlow | Celebrity | August 26, 2016 |

We started out Women’s Equality Day talking about men. Well, I’m here to do like Jefferson should have and include women in the sequel. WERK.

Sarah Silverman

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Mindy Kaling


Amandla Stenberg

bigger than you or me. discussions are healthy. ignorance is not. words by me

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Lena Dunham


Rowan Blanchard


I would always acknowledge—personally, not publicly—the things that were going on, things that were happening in the world. But I still didn’t make the connection that those things happen to me. I remember I was at a movie with my friend, and we were both in skirts—this was two and a half or three years ago—we were waiting outside the movies for my dad to pick us up, and this grown man came over and was like, “You guys need a ride anywhere?” I was 12 years old and my friend was 15. And I just remember sitting there feeling my heart sink into my stomach. It was such a surreal moment. Because I always see that happening in front of me; I always see girls getting catcalled. But up until that point, I hadn’t experienced it. And it was like I was out-of-body for a second. I had seen that in movies, on TV, on the news. But when it happens to you, it’s like, “Oh, crap, this is real; people look at me this way. And people look at other girls this way.” I went home that night and didn’t tell anybody. I didn’t tell my parents because I was ashamed that it was what I was wearing. I was like, “Gosh, I shouldn’t wear a skirt next time. What am I doing?” My sister was 10 at the time, and I remember lying in bed and thinking, “I don’t want that to ever happen to her.” Then, once it happens to you, you see it everywhere. When you’re watching your favorite TV show, you see a joke that maybe would have gone over your head a month ago. You can’t escape it. There’s really nothing you can do except endure it and try and speak out about it. So that’s what I tried to do. Because it started consuming me. And, when girls would come up to me and be like, “I watch your show,” I would think, “Has this ever happened to this girl? Of course it’s happened to this girl, because it happens every day.” And it just started overwhelming me. So I started putting things on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram, because I realize that I have a following, and most of the people who watch our show, I would say, are girls. And I didn’t want them ever going through that. I just started doing it because I couldn’t bear it anymore.

Leslie Jones


[On the SNL “black women aren’t ready” issue] “I have never said I would want to be on Saturday Night Live … I don’t do impressions. I don’t know if I could write sketch. So, no, I would never put myself into that circle. Even if they asked me to come and audition, I’d really be, like, ‘Eh, I don’t know if I can do that.’ But I do know women who can.” Pounding a hand on the table, she added, “There’s motherfuckin’ three bitches I can call right now, goddammit, that will fill that spot … Just because you don’t know them, that don’t mean that they don’t fucking exist. That’s like saying Italy does not exist. Motherfucker, yes, it does. I’ve been there.”

Michelle Obama


The women of Hamilton