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Pajiba 10 For Your Consideration: Nyle DiMarco

By Mieka Strawhorn | Celebrity | June 25, 2019 |

By Mieka Strawhorn | Celebrity | June 25, 2019 |


Imagine me, an increasingly reluctant ride-or-die watcher of America’s Next Top Model. The year is 2015. I’ve grown weary of Tyra’s extra-ness and bored by the pointless and petty infighting among the girls. Still, I settle in for yet another cycle of ANTM. It’s my 22nd rodeo, and I think I’ve seen it all. This cycle is the third iteration of ANTM: Guys and Girls which features both male and female contestants. The most I can hope for is for another amusing beard-weave disaster. And then, something miraculous occurs.


As if sent from heaven above, in walks Nyle DiMarco, solving any and all, future or current, personal lubrication deficiencies that might have afflicted me in this lifetime. Here’s the moment it happened, folks.

That was the first time I saw Nyle. Not only did he deftly handle every challenge put to him, he did it with humility, humor and panache. Throughout the course of his ANTM run, Nyle perfected “that tantalizing thing” and was ultimately crowned the winner of cycle 22.

Is this tantalizing enough for you Tyra?! (click through if you want to spring a leak, pop a boner, or both)

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wyd on valentine’s?

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And baby, look at him now!

In case you missed it, Nyle is Deaf. But you can’t tell just from looking at him because even when he’s signing, the eye refuses to focus on anything other than his steely yet warm gaze or his perfectly furred torso and legs. Nyle was raised in a Deaf family, and since his titillating turn on ANTM, has leveraged his notoriety to become a fervent and articulate advocate for the Deaf community. In 2016, Nyle founded the Nyle DiMarco Foundation which provides resources for families with Deaf children and promotes early childhood literacy.

Nyle, who is sexually fluid, is also an advocate for the LGBTIQ community. In fact Nyle is a champion of diversity and representation across the board.

Here’s Nyle teaching YouTube’s Tyler Oakley how to flirt in ASL.

I just… I just… is there a sign for “homina homina” or do you have to spell it out?

Nyle is also a splooge hunter and he’s perfected his deadly game by expertly setting numerous and varied thirst traps all up and down his Instagram page.


The “Oh, I didn’t see you there, come on in”

Here’s his furry and fabulous take on “I woke up this way”.

Or how about a seminal classic, the “clean, snatch, and jerk”. It’s an enthusiac yes to all three for me.

I believe I’ve already made an ironclad case for Nyle DiMarco’s inclusion in the Pajiba 10 and I haven’t even yet mentioned that HE WON SEASON 22 OF DANCING WITH THE STARS!

Nyle is out here taking names and torching loins. Night…

And day…

A vote for Nyle is a vote for decency, integrity, and throbbing genital sensations. Vote Nyle!

Header Image Source: YouTube