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Fact: Glasses Make People Hotter

By Emily Cutler | Celebrity | December 2, 2019 |

By Emily Cutler | Celebrity | December 2, 2019 |


Ah, glasses. The most maligned of the accessories. People out there are still rocking fedoras and Kangol hats, but glasses are somehow the thing that gets their own shitty rhyme of warning. Which is not only cruel but very, very wrong. Put simply, “I make passes at people who wear glasses.” Glasses are hot. People wearing glasses are hot. This is fact, but allow me to add some photographic evidence.




The OG Hot Glasses Wearer has continued her streak as a hot blonde with glasses, but I prefer the original redheaded model.

Ok, so here’s one thing: bad glasses on a hot person will not make them hotter. I’m sure there are people in the comments finding terrible pictures of hot people being uglied up with a bad haircut and glasses. It is totally possible to find glasses that don’t make someone hotter (I refuse to add it here, but if anyone wanted to google “Pablo Schrieber + glasses” you’d find proof of this. The Sexy Lepruchan cannot rock glasses, it’s a scientific mystery.) So sometimes you end up with this:

Denzel Not Hot Glasses.jpg

That’s not hot. But it’s also not what I mean. My hypothesis (one that’s so far held up) is that good glasses will make a person hotter. It’s the only single accessory you can add to a person that immediately increases their attractiveness. Because that guy up there looks like this with the right pair of glasses.

Denzel Hot Glasses.jpg

For the sake of this argument, goggles count as glasses.



Michael B Jordan.jpg

Even with hot people who are supposed to be just suburban dad hot, the glasses make them super hot.

Timothy Olyphant.png


Full disclosure, I could have written an entire second post exclusively of pictures of Mackenzie Davis in glasses. I love her.



Still not enough to make me watch The Interview.




In closing, glasses are hot. People who wear glasses are hot. You should put them on your face. The glasses that is, of course.


Header Image Source: Fox