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Examining the Most Forgettable Face in Hollywood

By Courtney Enlow | Celebrity | March 29, 2012 |

By Courtney Enlow | Celebrity | March 29, 2012 |

In Hollywood, one must possess a face that will linger in the minds of audiences nationwide. Be it beautiful, interesting, unique, even that blandly generic non-threatening type of attractive that typically allows for exactly 18 months of fame before the slow drift toward obscurity, one’s face is highly important.

And that’s what makes the curious case of Sam Worthington so very…curious.

I discovered this sometime around the release of the film Man on a Ledge. I saw the trailer, and recognized the familiar faces of Elizabeth Banks and Ed Harris, then quickly became distracted by the hockey-haired offspring of Gerard Butler and Danny McBride. Who was this upstart? What a random film to cast a complete unknown older than 25. What an interesting casting choice.

Then I learned it was Sam Worthington. Oh. That guy.

The same thing happened with the spots for Wrath of the Titans. This time, I was prepared. I thought, “Okay. Sam Worthington was in the first one. They’re not going to fool me again. I got this. Now who’s this guy?”

Oh. It was Sam Worthington again. My bad.

I cannot be alone in this. Hell, I would venture a bet that at least half of you really had to think about who the guy in the header photo is, and we’ve all seen at least two of his movies. Guys, I just edited and posted the header photo and I’ve already forgotten what he looks like.

Random aside: his situation is not helped by the fact that I hear his name and always think, “oh I really liked him in Not Another Teen Movie and on ‘Being Human.’” You’ve appeared in huge movies. I should not be confusing you so easily with someone who was on the “Cavemen” show. If you’re face is going to be that forgettable, you better change your name to Beef Rockgroin or something equally memorable.

Here are some photos of Sam Worthington. Let’s work through this together.


Okay. I’m doing fine so far. This is definitely Sam Worthington. Or Shawn Hatosy. But I’m pretty sure this post is about Sam Worthington, so it’s probably him. Yes.


Okay you’ve lost me. Puffy Bryan Cranston? No? Sam Worthington again? Dammit.


Okay, I literally know this is Sam Worthington, what with how I’m the one who Google Images-ed him in the first place, but I genuinely do not have a brain capable of registering that all these photos are the same person. I’ve forgotten who this is about. What were we talking about again? Pie? Probably pie.

Anyway. What just happened?

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