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Ewan McGregor's Reddit AMA is...Jeez Someone Get This Guy Some Coffee

By Petr Knava | Celebrity | March 13, 2017 |

By Petr Knava | Celebrity | March 13, 2017 |

Ewan McGregor seems like a nice enough bloke. Certainly he’s proven himself at times to be a damn good actor. And we’re very excited about him being in Fargo Season 3.

But bless his Scottish soul, I guess his heart just wasn’t in the recent AMA he did on Reddit.

Check it out: I’m not complaining. These people don’t really owe us anything. They do good work, and the promotional circuit to support that work must be a bigger drag than a soggy arse on a summer’s day, but there are some AMAs—Aisha Tyler’s, Taika Waititi’s, Margaret Atwood’s to name just three—that are a goddamn delight for how witty and full of vitality they are.

Ewan’s is a delight purely as a demonstration of the minimal amount of fucks he has to give. It’s not quite as hilarious as that infamous Woody Harrelson AMA, but still. Here are some ‘highlights’:

How many takes did it take for you to remaster that sadistic smile you have after you roll off the car?

Got it in take 1. Not something I have to work at. :)

How hard was it to recreate a character like you did in the first Trainspotting movie?

It wasn’t hard. It seems like Renton’s been sitting inside me for 20 years just waiting to come out again.

can you recite the entire “choose life” monologue by heart?

Yes I learned it while walking around Arthur’s Seat. I think I’ll always remember that speech.

Was there anything you experienced as a director that changed your outlook as an actor? Thanks Ewan!

To be more sympathetic to directors.

Do you have any directorial advice?

Always rehearse the scene with the actors alone, and then show the crew.

Hi Ewan!
Who were your favorite actors as a child?

Jimmy Stewart, David Nevin, Steve McQueen

Have you given much thought to when you are going to start ageing?

You’re 20 years older than me and I look like I could be your dad.

Get some sleep.

Where was the best place you’ve visited on bike during your trips with Charley?

Mongolia is a very special place for me.

Hey Ewan! I saw an article from September that said you haven’t been able to find time for riding motorcycles, has that changed since then? Also whats a dream bike you haven’t been able to ride?

I’m not allowed to ride motorcycles while working for insurance reasons, but when I’m not working I ride every day.

What do you prefer to play heroes or villains?

There are no heroes or villains in my book. Bad guys don’t think they’re bad guys.

Yes and from my point of view the Jedi are evil.

Ewan! You’re almost unrecognizable in your makeup as one of the twins in Fargo season 3. That’s crazy! What was that whole process like? Were you eager to tackle the role of the crime twins for Noah Hawley?

The brothers that I play in Fargo are not twins. The makeup is incredible.

Hey Ewan, I took a girlfriend to watch T2 after a Boyle/McGregor marathon and she broke up with me the next day. Can you tweet “WTF Claire?”

WTF Claire

That isn’t a tweet! WTF Ewan

Ewan, thank you for doing this AMA. I was watching Velvet Goldmine and really enjoyed your penis. How is it these days?

It’s fine thanks, how’s yours?

Hi Ewan! Any chance of a third installment of Long Way Round/Down? Huge fan of that show and it’d be great to see you and Charlie back on the road again.

No plans at the moment.

What do you look for in a script?

A good story.

Speaking of a good story… have you ever heard the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?

I have laughed at almost every single instance of Ewan ignoring Star Wars references in this AMA.
…this will make a fine addition to my collection.

When was the last time you watched the original Trainspotting? Has your view of it changed at all over the past 21 years?

On my flight to Scotland to shoot the sequel.

Imagine seeing Ewan McGregor watching Trainspotting on a flight to Scotland next to you, must be the most surreal meta shit ever

Hi Ewan.did you ever meet iggy pop.and if so is he as crazy as he seems?

Yes - I did meet him and he’s as COOL as he seems.

Hi Mr. McGregor! HUGE FAN!!!! Can I ask, what is the best thing a director can do for you on set? Thanks :~)

Really watch what you’re doing.

What drew you to the first Trainspotting? And 20 years on, what made you come back for a sequel?

Irvine Welsh’s Transpotting novel was the book of a generation in Scotland and I had to be in Transpotting. What made me come back the thrill of working with Danny Boyle again and seeing John Hodge’s dialogue again and being with those actors again.

Got a favorite meal to cook at home?

Avocado with lemon and salt, and a boiled egg.

But what do you eat after you throw that away?

Can you share any interesting stories about making Shallow Grave? (Which was amazing, by the way.)

Shallow Grave was my first movie with Danny Boyle and being part of his first three movies gave me an identity as an actor that I’m still very proud of.

Another classic Ewan story!


Petr Knava
lives in London and plays music

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