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Ellen Page Wasn't Done with Chris Pratt

By Mike Redmond | Celebrity | February 11, 2019 |

By Mike Redmond | Celebrity | February 11, 2019 |


Late last week, Ellen Page called out Chris Pratt for his association with the homophobic, yet celebrity-friendly Hillsong church after he went on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and basically delivered a sermon. It was a bold move on Page’s part because she made it explicitly clear who she was talking about and during the theatrical release of The LEGO Movie 2. If Hollywood’s taught us anything, it’s that you can do whatever awful shit you want — Zup, Bryan Singer? — just don’t threaten the money.

Ellen Page threatened the money.

Not only that, but she wasn’t content with a drive-by, and Page doubled down on her conviction that it’s past time to call out celebs who are perpetuating dangerous horseshit by association.

Naturally, Page was flanked by dick-dongs who don’t understand why a strapping Godly man like Chris Pratt should have to address the violence his church causes.

She wasn’t having it.

Pro-tip: If you shove your mansplaining head in the sand in front of Ellen Page, she will yank that f*cker right back out.

Here’s my favorite part. Whenever someone brings up the uncomfortable reality that Christian conservative beliefs are responsible for a laundry list of abuses — for example, Donald Trump won 80 percent of the evangelical vote — some jackass always says something along the lines of, “Well, what about Scientology? Are you going to go around calling out all of those actors?”

Uh, yes. Yes, we are. Where the f*ck have you been? Here’s Leah Remini earning a sweet retweet from Page by making sure the Church of Tom Cruise is on the homophobic hook next to Hillsong.

But the best response is the buttweasel who accused Ellen Page of “church shaming,” which is right up there with wealth shaming as the stupidest shit I’ve ever heard of my life. Every single piece of currency has “In God We Trust” written on it. Are you kidding me right now? At any given point in history, the “Party of Jesus” controls at least one branch of the federal government — for the past two years, it was all three — and don’t get me started on the death grip that Christian conservatism has on local communities. It’s not “shaming” when you’re running the goddamn show. It’s speaking truth to power, snowflake.

Unfortunately, the line of thinking that we should just let Christianity go about its business unchallenged has a footing amongst liberals, too. Mostly, but not entirely, it’s straight white men who will never feel the brunt of a religion that’s practically engineered to tickle their balls. So it’s no skin off their backs when Chris Pratt bankrolls a church that keeps America’s homophobia fires burning. However, I understand the hesitancy to get onboard with atheist-adjacent viewpoints after the last crop of “free-thinkers” like Richard Dawkins, Lawrence Krauss, Sam Harris, etc. turned out to be a bunch of sexist, stereotypical white dudes who had no problem hopping into bed with Jordan Peterson. F*ck those guys.

Thankfully there’s a new batch of less-dickish activists like Chris Stroop, who are not only exposing the rot that evangelicalism has created in America’s floorboard, but they’re calling out the media for handling right-wing Christianity with kid gloves. So if you want a good place to start educating yourself on why it’s absolutely okay to question just what in the hell Christians are doing with their beliefs, those two links will get you going.

In the meantime, here’s Charlotte Clymer with a solid thread on what it’s like attending churches similar to Hillsong. While I don’t have the same perspective of being LGBTQ, I grew up in an evangelical church, and a lot of her observations are eerily familiar. Especially the sleight of hand of pastors endorsing political beliefs from the pulpits without explicitly endorsing them. It’s a neat little bullshit sandwich.

Anyway, here’s that:

And, as always, Chris Pratt is the Worst Chris.

Header Image Source: Human Rights Campaign