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Elizabeth Warren is Thirsty for The Rock

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | January 27, 2020 |

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | January 27, 2020 |


I’m already so exhausted by the presidential season and we haven’t even had a caucus or primary yet. I’m not afraid to tell you I’ve checked out, mainly because I know who I’m voting for (hint: she’s in the title of this post…) and unless she really bones up something major (you can post rebuttals to that issue with Bernie telling her he doesn’t think a woman could be elected president, but LOL I’ve had enough men tell me something to that effect for all of my waking life that I believe her absolutely) my vote for her is a done deal. As a result, as much as I love this site’s political coverage, I’ve noped out of reading it because it sends me into a rage, and at this point, almost 4-years into a world where Donald Trump was (illegitimately) elected president, I need to save my sanity for the fight that’s coming up ahead.

I have made an exception to my lack of political coverage today because my gal Liz and I have a very particular interest in common: our thirst for The Rock.

Yup. The New York Times asked the hard-hitting stuff of candidates—who is their celebrity crush? (I mean, it was one of 20 questions so it’s understandable and also important.) Amy Klobuchar has the second-best answer with “Prince.” Andrew Yang did the obnoxious cop-out answer by saying his wife, which come on. I hate it when politicians shoe-horn their spouse into these types of things—just admit how much you love Cher and think she’s hot. We all think that! Mayor Pete had the worst answer, which amounts to “none of your business,” so you know it’s a sore spot between him and his spouse, or it’s J. Edgar Hoover. There’s no in-between here.

To be honest, I don’t really care who the other candidates are into. All I care about is that Liz Warren and I could probably hang out and watch The Rundown or Ballers and be completely happy, and also, she has actionable plans (instead of platitudes) to help with the f*ckery of this country and I believe her because she has a track record of putting her money where her mouth (and plans) are. Back to The Rock though…this man can get it.

Also? The man is very charming and funny. Just ask “Honky Pete.” (No, seriously, if you didn’t read Jodi’s post about that earlier, click it. It’s very funny.)

So in summation, Elizabeth Warren, in addition to having a plan, has good taste.


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