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Edie Falco's Kids Have Zero Interest In Watching 'The Sopranos'

By Emily Richardson | Celebrity | March 28, 2024 |

By Emily Richardson | Celebrity | March 28, 2024 |

carmela soprano edie falco.png

Last night, PEOPLE caught up with the great Edie Falco at an event in New York, and asked her if her two kids, Anderson, 19, and Macy, 16, have any interest in watching The Sopranos. Here was her reply:

“They’re so over it. They’ve never seen it. Either of them. But I hope that maybe someday they will and maybe they’ll like it. But, yeah, they’re not impressed at all.”

Okay. I can understand, it’s probably weird to watch your mom onscreen, especially when you’re a teenager. But this is THE SOPRANOS, Macy and Anderson. Your mother delivers one of finest performances in television acting history. Someday, ya gotta watch it! Just, um, you know, maybe ya skip that one scene from Season 2 where Carmela goes fully nude under the fur coat.

Edie added that, while her kids aren’t into the show that made their mother a star, they are into the perks that come with it:

“Not my work. But the things that I have that are available to them as a result of being my kids, they’re alright with that oddly enough.”

60-year-old Edie is a single mom. She adopted her son in 2005 and daughter in 2008. Earlier this week, she appeared on her TV-daughter Jamie-Lynn Sigler’s podcast, MeSsy (Jamie co-hosts with Christina Applegate; they both have MS), and lamented the loss of those “little kid” years:

“Nobody talks about when those little kids disappear - it’s like a death. Early parenting stuff is madness but it’s some of the most divine, precious hours of my life.

When they both fall asleep on you when you’re watching TV and it’s quiet and you realize, ‘Oh my God, I didn’t know I could feel this love.’ And then they’re just gone forever and ever, and they’re just memories and are all over your iPhone!”

Well, hopefully, they’ll eventually use that iPhone to watch their mother go toe-to-toe with James Gandolfini in classic Sopranos scenes like this one:

“F*cking shit bag!”