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Does Chris Evans' Boggle Game Want to Save You From Eternal Damnation?

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | December 17, 2018 |

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | December 17, 2018 |


Earlier today, Chris Evans (File Under: Chris, Best) posted a cryptic tweet alluding to a hidden message in a Boggle game the cast of The Avengers: Endgame played while filming.

If you’re like me, you studied this picture for hours, but because whatever skillset Boggle takes, you don’t have, you could only make out three-letter words. Then, of course, the moment you posted it in Slack, the Overlords were on it—and gave the answer that you think Evans is expecting: you can spell out “Avengers” with that Boggle game.

Sure, on the surface, it would seem on brand for Evans to post this…but when is anything ever on the surface, except for the mole people who infiltrated earth years ago?

It was time to put on my detective hat (a bedazzled baseball hat that says “Detective” in Swarovski crystals that I got on Etsy because you’re not a professional until you have a hat that says it) and get to work. There were many avenues this investigation could take.

First, the obvious. You know what other phrase is in that Boggle game? “Jesus Save.” Is Chris seeding a hidden religious message in his tweet, because Christmas is fast upon us?

Maybe, but I didn’t want to deal with the fallout of going down that rabbit hole, because nothing assures you internet abuse quicker than that runaway train. Luckily for me, there was another message in the Boggle: “For Sean.”

Who. The. Hell. Is. Sean?

Obviously my first stop was to Google: “Does Chris Evans know a guy named Sean?”

The results were less than encouraging, but the math was on my side. Evans was born in 1981, chances are very good that he knew at least a few Seans growing up, because it was the 44th most popular name the year he was born. Could perhaps Evans be reaching out to the void to a “Sean” he knew growing up?


Maybe, but not likely. Was I reaching a dead end?

Not yet. I reached the major break I needed when I decided to turn my attention to the other person mentioned in this tweet. Don Cheadle, who “found a gem.”


What “gem” did Don Cheadle find? What if it wasn’t a name, but an allusion to something else?

Don Cheadle is the key. See, while he’s a famous Hollywood actor now, he was born in Kansas City, Missouri.

Is your brain exploding yet?


Well, it’s about to…

You know what Kansas City, Missouri, has? Apple orchards. A few of ‘em.

Furthermore, “Hudson’s Golden Gem” is a variety of apple. Do you get it now?!?!

Friends. Sean isn’t a person. Sean is an acronym, hidden in plain sight for me to share with the world: Sure Everyone, Apples Now.


Chris Evans wants you to eat more fruit, which is good advice, but we’re not done yet…

As the saying goes, an apple a day keeps the Doctor away…


So when taken to its logical conclusion, the message Evans wants everyone to pick up on is: For sure, everyone. Apples now… and you can avoid a sequel to Dr. Strange.

Obviously the Apple lobby needs a win because the fall harvest season is over. Money is failing, and they were going to use their reserves to finance a sequel to Dr. Strange that would prominently feature all the leads eating apples, a lot. However, if the general public ups their apple eating game, there will be no need for the Apple lobby to invest in Dr. Strange, and thus, it will lose its financial backing and not get made.

Look, I wasn’t on set to tell you whether Evan and Benedict Cumberbatch are in a mortal blood feud (but you’ll notice they shared no scenes in Infinity War, so…) but there’s no evidence to tell me that they’re not, and the Boggle game is pretty damning, don’t you think? Why else would Evans leave clues like this for me to find?


Whatever the outcome, I think we can all agree that apples are a delicious fruit and a good source of fiber, and that everyone should eat apples if they want to.