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Co-Stars Who Violently Hated Each Other On the Set of their Films

By Dustin Rowles | Celebrity | September 3, 2016 |

By Dustin Rowles | Celebrity | September 3, 2016 |

Wesley Snipes and Everyone on the Set of Blade: Trinity — This hilarious account comes from Patton Oswalt on The AV Club:

Wesley [Snipes] was just fucking crazy in a hilarious way. He wouldn’t come out of his trailer, and he would smoke weed all day. Which is fine with me, because I had all these DVDs that I wanted to catch up on. We were in Vancouver, and it was always raining. I kept the door to my trailer open to smell the evening rain while I was watching a movie. Then I remember one day on the set—they let everyone pick their own clothes—there was one black actor who was also kind of a club kid. And he wore this shirt with the word “Garbage” on it in big stylish letters. It was his shirt. And Wesley came down to the set, which he only did for close-ups. Everything else was done by his stand-in. I only did one scene with him. But he comes on and goes, “There’s only one other black guy in the movie, and you make him wear a shirt that says ‘Garbage?’ You racist motherfucker!”

And he tried to strangle the director, David Goyer. So later that night, Ron Perlman was in the city. Everyone who makes movies in Vancouver stays in the same hotel. It’s like an episode of The Love Boat. Every time the elevator stops, you’ve got a different celebrity getting on. Like, [announcer voice] “Hey, now we’ve got Danny Glover!” So we went out that night to some strip club, and we were all drinking. And there were a bunch of bikers there, so David says to them, “I’ll pay for all your drinks if you show up to set tomorrow and pretend to be my security.” Wesley freaked out and went back to his trailer. [Laughs.] And the next day, Wesley sat down with David and was like, “I think you need to quit. You’re detrimental to this movie.” And David was like, “Why don’t you quit? We’ve got all your close-ups, and we could shoot the rest with your stand-in.” And that freaked Wesley out so much that, for the rest of the production, he would only communicate with the director through Post-it notes. And he would sign each Post-it note “From Blade.” [Laughs.]


Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe — Reportedly, Marilyn Monroe was a handful to work with on the set of Some Like It Hot, and the havoc she wreaked on set along with the delays cost the film millions in production cost. In fact, Billy Wilder was once quoted as saying, “After working all day with her I feel like going home and beating my wife.” (Not cool, Billy, even if it was a different time.). Tony Curtis, however, said that after Some Like It Hot, he’d never work with her again. In fact, after being asked what it was like to kiss Monroe, Curtis responded, “It’s like kissing Hitler.”

He expanded on that in an interview later, “I didn’t like her,” he said. “She was a really mean person. During Some Like It Hot, she gave us a terrible time and when someone asked me then what it was like kissing her, I said, ‘It’s like kissing Hitler.’

In 2008, however, he would claim that the Hitler line was a joke.

Monroe, for her part, Monroe responded to the “joke” in a 1962 interview with Life Magazine:

I don’t like to say this, but I’m afraid there is a lot of envy in this business. The only thing I can do is I stop and think. “I’m all right but I’m not so sure about them!”

For instance, you’ve read there was some actor that once said about me that kissing me was like kissing Hitler. Well, I think that’s his problem. If I have to do intimate love scenes with somebody who really has these kind of feelings toward me, then my fantasy can come into play. In other words, out with him, in with my fantasy. He was never there.


Harrison Ford and Josh Hartnett — Perpetual grump Harrison Ford is notoriously difficult to work with, but perhaps this was no more obvious than in Hollywood Homicide, where things were so chilly with his co-star Josh Hartnett that they reportedly couldn’t look one another in the eye. Said Hartnett: “There were times we would end up just sitting in the car when we were supposed to be doing a scene and neither of us would say anything for like an hour.” In fact, Ford reportedly called Hartnett a “punk,” while Hartnett called him “an old fart.” Bickering even extended into the promotional tour. The film, alas, only made $30 million at the box office (on a $75 million budget). Hartnett’s movie career never recovered (and it ain’t exactly been peaches for Harrison Ford, either).


Tom Sizemore and Val Kilmer — Things were not fun for these two on the set of Red Planet, either, according to Sizemore’s memoir, via the NYDailyNews:

On the set of “Red Planet” (2000), it got ugly with Val Kilmer, who’d been an on-and-off friend. Kilmer grew irate when he realized that production had paid for Sizemore’s elliptical machine to be shipped to Australia.

Kilmer shouted, “I’m making ten million on this; you’re only making two.” Sizemore threw a 50-pound weight at him but missed. Things got so bad that one of the producers asked that Sizemore not hit Kilmer in the face when the big fight finally happened. The day came, and Sizemore cooperatively landed a knock-down blow on Kilmer’s chest.

Despite running in the same Redbox circles, the two actors haven’t worked together since, though they had worked twice together before Red Planet.


Kenny Baker and Anthony Daniels — The actors inside the R2D2 and C3PO costumes are not fans of one another at all. Baker once said of Daniels: “He’s been such an awkward person over the years. If he just calmed down and socialised with everyone, we could make a fortune touring around making personal appearances. I’ve asked him four times now but, the last time, he looked down his nose at me like I was a piece of sh*t. The last time I spoke to him was in Boston and he was in front of me. I said ‘Did you have a nice weekend Tony?’ He said ‘I’m having a conversation,’ and walked away. He wasn’t talking to anybody. I could have hit him.”

Daniels is no kinder to Baker. “I never saw him. I mean, R2-D2 doesn’t even speak. He might as well be a bucket.”


Pierce Brosnan and Teri Hatcher — Here’s Brosnan on working with Teri Hatcher, who was pregnant during filming of Die Another Day:

“I got very upset with her… she was always keeping me waiting for hours. I must admit I let slip a few words that weren’t very nice. It came out one morning that Teri was pregnant and she hadn’t been feeling very well. Still these things happen.”

Elsewhere, he added, “I’m sure her mother loves her. I hope she’s learned some humanity having become a mother herself.”


James Cameron and Ed Harris — During a long underwater swim during The Abyss, Cameron reportedly moved a respirator in order to get a more believable performance out of Ed Harris in one particular scene. However, he also endangered Harris’ life. Harris was so angry about it that, the rumor is, he punched Cameron (others suggested he was only upset with Cameron but it didn’t come to blows). Harris, however, refused to promote the film because of the dust-up on set.


Sharon Stone and William Baldwin (and Everyone) — Unsurprisingly, there have been reports over the years that Sharon Stone is difficult to work with on set. The best accounts come from the tell-all of the sleazy writer Joe Eszterhas, who wrote Basic Instinct:

Eszterhas said Stone’s dislike for her “Sliver” co-star William Baldwin was so intense that she bit his tongue during a screen kiss and would use mouthwash after kissing him.

Eszterhas also said that Stone was so disliked on movie sets that the crew on one of her early films urinated in a bathtub she was supposed to use in a scene.

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