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Aww, Man Chris Evans, That Guy? Really?! He’s More Hydra than Avenger

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | March 9, 2019 |

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | March 9, 2019 |


Chris Evans seems like a good egg—he tends to be on the right side of humanity, his dog clearly loves him, and he frequently stands up for equality and generally being kind to each other, but man, he certainly had a misstep on Twitter recently by posing for a pic with Rep. Dan Crenshaw then retweeting the pic.

Here’s a reminder about the type of person Dan Crenshaw chooses to be: he thinks he knows what’s better for my uterus than I do (which is funny cuz my uterus ain’t ever getting anywhere near Dan Crenshaw;) was the admin of a super f*cking racist facebook page and actively shared videos on it, so uh, plausible deniability isn’t a thing here; and believes so much in the border wall that he wrote an op-ed for it calling the people against it “silly.”

Look, maybe there was a time when we could hang out and pal around with the other side—but that time isn’t now. Here is a man, with a Captain America glass eye, pal-ing around with the guy who plays Captain America, who purports to stand against everything Crenshaw stands for—and yet?! When push came to shove, Evans had no problem with publicly associating with the guy. Ugggghhh.

I’m bummed out. It is extremely easy for someone to sit within the echo chamber of Twitter saying things that sound good to them, and make other people feel like you’re on their team, but when push comes to shove it sucks that values are so easily forgotten in the name of a photo-op. It’s just a subtle way to demonstrate that while Evans talks the talks, he’s not really walking the walk, is he? I guess he doesn’t have to— none of Crenshaw’s abhorrent views are going to directly impact him, will they?

Could he truly have been ignorant of Crenshaw’s views? I mean, sure, but that’s not an excuse. It’s not a luxury for a woman, person of color, or anyone that’s considered an “other” by white “Christian” men like Crenshaw to not do our due diligence when associating with people personally or professionally. We have to know who considers us a “less than” because there are so many of those people out there. It’s a survival mechanism for us. It’s not for Evans, apparently.

It’s also a really weird contrast to the other photo op Evans highlighted on Twitter, Ted Lieu, who is a very vocal critic of Trump and his cronies.

It’s vital we don’t normalize people like Crenshaw who view others as less than, all in the name of not rocking the boat and getting along with everyone. Crenshaw’s views actively harm people, he doesn’t deserve our courtesy, time, or attention. It’s a real bummer that not only Evans normalized Crenshaw, he happily engaged in Twitter banter with someone who in theory is intrinsically against what Evans says he stands for, and is actively working within the government to get his agenda passed. It’s just a reminders that “seeing both sides” or finding the humanity of someone who hates the parts that make you, you, is really the ultimate white male privilege.

As my mom used to tell me, you are the company you keep. Evans might want to take that into account the next time he poses for a pic or clicks retweet.

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