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Check Out the Latest Edition of Hollywood's Confusing Celebrity Doppelgängers

By Cindy Davis | Celebrity | December 1, 2014 |

By Cindy Davis | Celebrity | December 1, 2014 |

It’s been a while since last we looked at some of Hollywood’s Confusing Celebrity Doppelgängers, and while I still stumble every single time I think of Keith David and David Keith, thanks to her burgeoning career, there’s no more confusing Amy Adams for Isla Fisher. But every once in a while an actor’s face appears onscreen, and my brain screams out recognition, only to crumble into a pile of dust as I realize what a doofus I am. Like a week ago when I was finishing out the last season of Damages and blathered something on a friend’s wall about Gilmore Girls’ Logan showing up. Only, der — it wasn’t Logan…

*Warning: Kinda sorta Arrow Spoilers are enclosed toward the end of this post.

1. Ryan Phillippe and Matt Czuchry


Usually I think it’s the scruffy, moussed-up hair that causes me a double-take, but there really is something similar about their faces too. Phillippe’s the one whose career has waned a bit since his 90s heyday. Czuchry starred as the aforementioned Logan, and is currently starring on The Good Wife and Dustin’s must-worship list.

2. Christian Bale and Stephen Amell


That’s some world-class stare-down action right there. Bale is, of course, the one who Batwhispered his way through Nolan’s trilogy and seems to have a bit of a temper. On the other hand, Amell might be up for nicest guy on the planet, as he scowls his way through the Arrow universe.

3. Karen Hassan and Kacey Rohl


Are you watching The Fall? (WHY NOT?) Are you watching Hannibal? (WHY NOT?) If so, you’ll understand my freaking out over seeing Abigail (Kacey) playing Annie (Karen). Fuh-reaky.

4. Stephen Colbert and Hugh Dancy


Speaking of Hannibal,…DUDE/TTES, this one totally blew my mind (not that it takes very much). There I was, looking for celebrities’ fabulous 80s hair when I came upon some photos of Colbert that made me do a double-take. And why in the hell isn’t Colbert a character actor, because at different points in his life, he looks like completely different people. I swear, I haven’t been eating brownies, but…

5. Young Colbert Also Bore a Resemblance to Young Robert Downey Jr.



6. Paul Rudd and Richard Hatch


At some point, original flavor Apollo and Ant-Man must have been in The Fly telepod together.

7. Bronagh Waugh and Brooke Smith


Back to The Fall again (Series 2, coming to a Netflix near you in January), check out bad, bad Paul Spector’s (Jamie Dornan) wife, who’s played by Bronagh Waugh and looks quite a bit like The Silence of the Lambs’ Catherine Martin (aka Brook Smith, Interstellar).

8. Scott Bakula and Aaron Eckhart


What is going on here? Lantern jaws for all…

9. Mark Valley Has a Player in That Gene Pool


and for all, a good bite. (Feel free to groan.)

10. Caity Lotz in a Black Canary Wig and Katie Cassidy in a Black Canary Wig


Ugh, I thought we were done with the wig.

p.s. How do they keep that thing on?

Cindy Davis, (Twitter)