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Caitlyn Jenner's Series Is Coming. Leave Your Anti-E!, Anti-Kardashian Agenda at the Door.

By Courtney Enlow | Celebrity | June 3, 2015 |

By Courtney Enlow | Celebrity | June 3, 2015 |

Look. No one likes the Kardashians. I don’t think even their viewers like the Kardashians. But we are living in a magical new world—a world with Caitlyn Jenner, as the kids say, slaying. That’s a big goddamn deal. So let’s just accept the fact that people under the age of 20 knew the name “Bruce Jenner” because of them. Leave it at the door, people. This is a warm and fuzzy time. This is a celebration.

E! has released its first promo for I Am Cait, the eight-part series that will show Jenner living her life openly and, as she told Vanity Fair, “free.”

Maybe I’ve curated my Facebook feed enough that I merrily missed out on most of the ugly, but the response to Caitlyn and the Vanity Fair cover has been so gloriously positive (if not overly appearance-focused). This is of course in huge wonderful thanks to the work and presence of Laverne Cox, Janet Mock and other trans heroes, but we cannot ignore—no matter how much we want to—the fact that the massive fame of the Kardashian empire helped to provide the audience. The bravery and awesomeness belong to Caitlyn alone though, and I will be happily tuning into E! (as opposed to shamefully tuning into E! under the cover of night with the volume low) to watch her journey. Who’s too cool and too above it all to avoid something like that?

So, in the words of Susie from Wet Hot American Summer


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