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Brittany Murphy's Mom Attempts to Squash Reports that Her Daughter was Murdered, Raises Eyebrows

By Courtney Enlow | Celebrity | November 26, 2013 |

By Courtney Enlow | Celebrity | November 26, 2013 |

So, OK, backstory time.

Brittany Murphy had a pretty warped last few years of life. She had a creepy husband who had some kind of creepy relationship with her creepy mom, leading pretty much everyone in the gossip know to think Creepy Husband definitely offed Murphy. Then Creepy Husband died, too, just five months after his wife. Everything was creepy. But then we all went on with our lives, until, four years later, Murphy’s father announced that he’d opened up a new investigation into her death and had discovered evidence of foul play.

Now, Murphy’s mother is attempting to debunk that. Mmm-hmm.

In an open letter shared with The Hollywood Reporter, Sharon Murphy writes…a lot. It’s really long.

I have no choice now but to come forward in the face of inexcusable efforts to smear my daughter’s memory by a man who may be her biological father but was never a real father to her in her lifetime. Angelo Bertolotti has relocated to California in his old age to claim he is here for Brittany, as he never was in life. He has made outrageous statements over the past few years, culminating in this latest madness: that my darling daughter was murdered.

His claims are based on the most flimsy of evidence and are more of an insult than an insight into what really happened, as I will explain to you shortly.

First, I want you to know a little of the real story. I raised Brittany alone. We didn’t have much at first, but we always had each other. My daughter and I were our only family, and we were inseparable and always there for each other in good times and bad. She never left my side as I battled cancer twice, and I was there for her through the trials and tribulations of her beautiful life and career.

Angelo was not there at all after age 1. He certainly wasn’t around during the 12 years he spent in prison on three criminal felony convictions. Throughout her childhood, I was Brittany’s only parent and sole support. No bond could have been stronger.

Angelo did come out of the woodwork when Brittany was a teenager and found success in a number of TV shows just before she was in Clueless. But she quickly saw him for who he is — and didn’t want anything to do with him. He now claims to have had a few meetings with Brittany over the years where he took the occasional photograph, but those must have been brief moments because I was there with her most of the time at home and when she was working — and he was never, ever around. He has admitted he did not see her at all during the final three years of her too-short life.

It sends pain through my heart when I read [in recent reports about Bertolotti’s lab testing results] that “the family said” — meaning Angelo — because he was never her family in reality. She and I and our extended family and close friends were her family, and as she grew in years and professionalism, she was beloved by many, many people, including fellow performers and the great artists in Hollywood.

In light of the recent publicity about a lab test Angelo had done, I have asked some knowledgeable people, and they tell me that an analysis from a sample of hair is not considered dependable unless it is backed up by tests of tissue and blood and other analysis — which he did not do (the coroner did, but they show no similar results). I am also told one lab may give different results than another lab in terms of heavy metals, and the proper method requires multiple tests before any results are released.
The lab Angelo used, if you can call it that, is an Internet site that farmed out the actual testing and then wrote horribly untrue things under the guise of “analysis.” It mentioned rat poison as a possible cause and claimed to be able to say that a third party murdered my beloved daughter.

To even mention that the heavy metals that were listed in his test are in rat poison, leading to articles suggesting Brittany ingested that or anything like it, is absurd. If she had, don’t you think it would have shown up in the coroner’s test of her blood and tissue? A reputable expert will tell you that what this lab did is an ethical violation of the highest order; to even pretend to be able to draw such conclusions on unreliable evidence is the real crime.

This report conveniently ignores what any good scientist will tell you: A hair sample can be affected by many outside factors, including hair dye, hair spray, prescription medications, foods, smoking the occasional cigarette and environmental factors. One cause we now know may have been toxic mold that was eventually discovered in that house — which may have been what really killed her.

We will never know for sure. However, we do know the Los Angeles County Coroner did extensive tests and found that she died of natural causes. And now she is a real living angel in heaven.

[read the rest at THR. It’s real long, guys.]

She was my baby, and we stood together throughout Brittany’s life. Now I must stand up for her again. It is time for those who really knew and loved her to put those who want to exploit her on notice: Your lies will no longer be tolerated, and as long as I live will continue to be exposed.

That was…that was something. That was some thing indeed. TL;DR: How dare Brittany’s father exploit her death; now, here, read my unspeakably long letter to The Hollywood Reporter all about me/my daughter’s death.

To lose a child would be the most unspeakably awful thing imaginable, a horror I cannot even fathom.


There’s always been something…off about all this. Monjack was the sleaziest. Seriously. He was Skeevy Nicks. He once lamented that, when he first met Brittany, she was “too young to touch.” Monjack and Sharon Murphy were alleged to have shared a bed after Brittany’s death, and the two started a fake charity in Brittany’s name. So, for her mom to write this long rant…almost as if to say “look away, nothing to see here, I totally didn’t do it even though no one’s accusing me because that would be nuts” is…weird. It’s all weird. I mean, allegations that Homeland Security took her out? That’s insane. It’s a zebra.

Maybe it was just natural causes, and a poor, innocent woman is being dug up when she should finally get some peace. But, I’m just saying if we’re going down the murder path, there might be more horselike possibilities.

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