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Breaking Down The JLo And Ben Affleck Divorce Rumors

By Emily Richardson | Celebrity | May 17, 2024 |

By Emily Richardson | Celebrity | May 17, 2024 |


The plot thickens RE: the Jennifer Lopez/Ben Affleck divorce rumors. So let’s break down all the reports, sources, and bullshit that came out these past three days, shall we? Disclaimer: if you’re looking for cold, hard evidence, this is not the article for you.

On Wednesday morning, In Touch Weekly reported that Bennifer’s marriage was in trouble. A source alleged, “the writing is on the wall - it’s over. They’re headed for divorce - and for once, Ben’s not to blame!” For once.

The insider explained that it was Ben’s decision to end things and he’s “already moved out.” While the couple will “never stop loving each other,” Jen “can’t control” Ben and he “can’t change her”: “There’s no way it could have lasted.” The source also claimed, “the bigger issues that tore them apart the first time remained the same.” Namely, JLo loves the spotlight and Ben doesn’t. They also cited the fact that Ben didn’t accompany Jen to the Met Gala and the pair haven’t been seen in public together since the end of March. Hmmmm.

Later that day, In Touch came out with a second report from another anonymous source. This source claimed Jen and Ben were trying couples therapy even though Ben “hates the whole humiliating process.” LOL:

“He’s never going to gauge the success of this marriage by what happens in the therapist’s office. He also has a higher tolerance for conflict and having to fight to get his way than the average guy.”

Source #2 claimed they’ve known Ben for more than ten years, and “everything is a fight” for him and Jen:

“The only satisfaction he gets in life is overcoming when the odds are stacked against him,” the source adds. “Now that they’re reunited, the ego battle between Ben and Jennifer was always on full display and is only eclipsed by the obvious passion and respect they have for one another. But there has to be an easier path and you have to ask why they want their marriage to be this way in the first place?”

Obviously, everyone took these “exclusive reports” with a grain. In Touch is the type of gossip rag that reported Jennifer Aniston was pregnant every other week for nearly two decades. And their anonymous sources aren’t exactly Deep Throat-levels of reliable. But soon other outlets hopped on the bandwagon. Yesterday an insider told US Weekly that Bennifer were having “issues in their marriage:

“They started having issues a few months ago as Jen had started ramping up work commitments and prepping for her tour.”

“Jen is very focused on work,” the source tells Us. “They are on two completely different pages most of the time.”

Funny. In Touch’s source said it was Ben who’d been laser-focused on work. US Weekly added that Jen had been spotted house hunting in LA (she allegedly claimed she was looking for an “investment property”) and Ben was living at a separate home. HMMMM.

Soon, TMZ entered the chat. They began stalking Ben and photographed him allegedly leaving his Brentwood bachelor pad after spending the night. The outlet noted, however, that Ben was wearing his wedding ring. Jen also wore hers when she was photographed earlier in the week.

OK, so… what does this prove? Nothing? Everything? Jennifer certainly didn’t help matters when she made the fascinating decision to publicly ‘like’ an Instagram post about unhealthy qualities in a partner:

Then, A TWIST. Today, In Touch published “world exclusive photos” of Bennifer together in public (“for the first time in 47 days”). Last night, the couple “reunited” to watch Fin Affleck (Ben’s 15-year-old with ex Jennifer Garner) in a school play. They were also accompanied by Emme, JLo’s 16-year-old. An eyewitness said:

“Jen looked super thin and was dressed casual-chic. She didn’t glam up like the last time she came to a school function. She seemed more subdued than usual when she greeted Ben as he pulled the car up. Emme was super excited, though, jumping for joy over Fin’s performance.”

Another source added that “nothing would have stopped them coming together for the kids”:

“All the marriage drama comes second. They are putting on a united front. Jen showed up with Emme to support Fin. Emme’s super attached to Fin, so it’s only natural that Jen, no matter what she’s going through with Ben, was there.”

Ben and Jen first began dating in the summer of 2002. They got engaged after three months, delayed their September 2003 wedding due to “excessive media attention” and split for good at the beginning of 2004. 17 years went by. Ben married and divorced Jennifer Garner (they have 3 kids) and enjoyed an extremely photographed pandemic romance with Ana de Armas. JLo married and divorced Marc Anthony (two kids), and was engaged to A-Rod until early 2021.

Then, in the spring of 2021, Bennifer reunited! The couple got engaged a year later and wed in July 2022. Hey, even if these crazy kids break up now, the second leg of their relationship lasted longer than the first. Plus, this time around, we got a Dunkin’ Donuts commercial instead of Gigli (gobble gobble). A win is a win!