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Ben Affleck Has Given Shauna Sexton the Ax, The Cycle Repeats Itself

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | October 9, 2018 |

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | October 9, 2018 |


It is fall, harvest season—and as I’m sure you know, we must have a sacrifice to enjoy plentiful crops. This year is no different, although in 2018 it may seem as if we’ve already publicly shamed and ridiculed a sufficient amount of women to have enough bounty for a generation. Not so, friends. The cycle must repeat itself. The cycle must continue.

Shauna Sexton has been axed so that man may thrive. This is news to you, and most likely Shauna Sexton, who just went on a mini-break with Ben Affleck over the weekend in Montana, only to have her break up displayed across today with the headline “Ben Affleck Ends Fling with Shauna Sexton to Focus on His ‘Sobriety and Family,’ Source Says.” I mean, we’ve all been there…right?!

Not content to merely end things quietly with Sexton, Affleck (and/or his lackeys) feel the need to imply that Shauna Sexton, one woman, was an impediment towards Affleck’s sobriety and commitment towards his family, while undercutting the nature of their relationship by calling it a fling. OK, bud.

An anonymous source (who by the way, isn’t specifically called out as not being Matt Damon, so I think we can reach our own conclusions here…) said on the breakup:

“There was nothing to split from as it has been casual […]He enjoyed being with her but is working on himself, and being together with her at this time is not something that works,” the friend adds. “He will date in the future, but for now his focus is on his sobriety, family and his next project.”

Note: As a reminder, Ben Affleck is 46 years old, a father of three, and this is how he chooses to conduct himself. Allowing his lackeys (or let’s be honest, the source could be him) to reach out to a major publication to humiliate a woman he dated and went on vacation with (just this past weekend!!!) so that he can paint himself in a better light, and imply that she was what was holding him back from sobriety.

F*ck you, O’Bannon!


Sorry, Shauna, your time is over. We must now blame you for the foibles of a famous man with well-documented substance abuse issues that predate your relationship, and imply that your relative existence in relation to Ben Affleck was an impediment towards his health. You now will be painted as the cracks in someone else’s sobriety, because this is how the system works. This is how we have the harvest. We will blame you for someone else’s choices, and you’ll be forever painted as the hussy who led Affleck astray.

So, friends, when you sit down to your table this winter, thank Shauna Sexton—because without her, your table would not be laden with such a fine spread. Shauna Sexton’s time in the spotlight is no more, and now we look toward next year (who are we kidding, next week, tomorrow even) to see which woman will be next—the one who will be blamed for a man’s shortcomings, publicly ridiculed, and tossed aside.

The cycle repeats.

Kate is a staff contributor. You can follow her on Twitter.

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