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Anthony Mackie Doesn't Seem to Have the Information to Answer 'Are You a Feminist?'

By Cindy Davis | Celebrity | November 18, 2015 |

By Cindy Davis | Celebrity | November 18, 2015 |

Are you a feminist? It’s a pretty simple inquiry, but there are a lot of people who have trouble answering. Maybe they think it’s more complicated than it really is, but for the record, it’s not a trick question; hell, even the pope is a feminist, now! Let’s recap, reiterate and remember, if you feel confused, there exists this handy chart:


Easy peasy, right? In fact, in a recent survey of a few famous fellas, most of the men had no trouble answering whether or not they are feminists.

Han Solo Harrison Ford understands how simple the question is:


Denis O’Hare eloquently goes the the extra mile.


“Absolutely. I always have been. I think it’s shocking how much more work we have to do. Someone like Paul Ryan who can actually say that he’ll take a job only if they will allow him to spend more time with his family — well, what woman gets to do that? Does she get to negotiate that same package with her job or is she told to take a hike? We have a long way to go. We need a woman president. It’s about time, as an example.”

Darren Aronofsky is flabbergasted anyone would even have to ask.


But Anthony Mackie, well…apparently he continues to struggle with expressing his thoughts publicly.


Mackie certainly isn’t alone in not exactly understanding the simplicity of the term, but at least Michael Stuhlbarg gives himself the benefit of the doubt.


“”I’m not educated enough about the title to understand thoroughly what it means, but I’m a huge advocate for women’s rights and their right to choose whatever they want to do. So if that means I’m a feminist, then yeah, I’m a feminist.”

Look guys, you’re overcomplicating this. Salman Rushdie sums it up nicely.

“Yes. What else is there to be? Everything else is being an asshole.”


Read the rest of the surveyed celebrity responses from the likes of Jason Momoa, Desmin Borges and Matt McGorry, here.

Cindy Davis, (Twitter)

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