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And Now, Deep Thoughts by Jon Snow

By Cindy Davis | Celebrity | May 6, 2015 |

By Cindy Davis | Celebrity | May 6, 2015 |

Hey, remember when on SNL Phil Hartman used to introduce “Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey?” If you’re too young to remember, (fuck you), it was an amusing little aside wherein staff writer Handey would share his goofy babblings profound musings. If you do recall, you may be reminded of that bit whenever you read a certain Game of Thrones actor’s quotes, which veer further into Surrealisticland with each passing day. Last week, we got this gem:

“There is always someone who wants to ask me about my hair and it just drives me insane. It’s hair, it’s just hair. I’m just amazed by it, it follows me everywhere.”


This week, there are a few more beauties to add. I only wish Hartman were still around to introduce them. (*sniff*)

“I understand when you’re in a big show and you look like you do, people want to show their mate on Instagram or whatever. But sometimes it feels like I’m a beautiful sunrise…or a dying dog.

But it does no good to wonder about what might have been. This is the path that was given me.”

This is the work. The selling of it. People taking pictures of you in the street as if you were a rare bird of prey.”


And here are a few old classics to get you through the rest of the day:

“‘Oh, my God, you’re the son of a duke!’ I’m not an anti-royalist, but who gives a sh*t?

The show started when the economy was very bad. People were looking for a hero trying to make his way through a dark world that they didn’t understand. That’s Jon Snow.

I play these guys that no modern man can relate to.

I’d camp him [Batman] up again. He’s gone way too dark and serious. I’d like proper spandex. Superhero movies got all too serious — they need to get silly again.

I’m fine with nudity actually. I think it’s one of those things … you take off your robe and there you are nude.

I’ve kind of decided I’m going to be a good little hunk and shut up.”


(via The Guardian, Rolling Stone, The Daily Mail, New York Daily News, GMA)

Cindy Davis, (Twitter) knows nothing either.

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