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An Attempt to Dissect the Rumor That Kylie Jenner is Dating Timothée Chalamet

By Kayleigh Donaldson | Celebrity | April 13, 2023 |

By Kayleigh Donaldson | Celebrity | April 13, 2023 |

Timothee Chalamet Getty 2.jpg

Some gossip fascinates you. Some celebrity whispers just make a ton of sense and cannot help but fuel further chatter. But then there are rumours that leave you so baffled that you have to study it like a rare bug. Last week, the Instagram gossip account-slash-unreliable trashbag DeuxMoi started sharing multiple claims that actor Timothée Chalamet was seeing reality star and make-up guru Kylie Jenner.

DeuxMoi doubled down heavily on this story, posting reported spottings that they had been hanging out since seeing each other at Paris Fashion Week in January. Infamously, the account loves to dump a ton of unverified and often obviously nonsense claims on its page, but the insistence with which they said this story was true couldn’t help but raise a few eyebrows. Twitter did its thing, celebrity publications speculated about the speculation, and Kris Jenner undoubtedly opened a champagne bottle in celebration. We have yet to see the pair together in any form outside of that brief Fashion Week video.

I’m fascinated by this rumour for a variety of reasons. I’ve been waiting for some vague sliver of confirmation, something tangible to grasp onto amid the whispers, but nothing’s happened. Yet. Again, this could all be nonsense. DeuxMoi is famous for that, and the account is trying very hard to dig itself out of a hole after spending months claiming that Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn were secretly married (they reportedly broke up this month.) Their method of business, such as it is, relies on goldfish memories and the comfort of ‘allegedly.’ That so many people swallow their bilge as 100% fact, even as they are forced to remind people that they often share outright lies, is sadly no surprise. So why does the possibility of Jenothee fascinate me? Or Timlie? Come on, we need to pick a portmanteau just in case.

The most effective celebrity stories require two things: a solid base of plausibility and an active machine to keep it alive. Nobody does this with such ruthless efficiency as the Kardashian-Jenner clan, who have made themselves omnipresent to the world through sheer visibility and ceaseless grind. A willing media cycle is necessary too, and Mama Kris knows what she’s doing. The Kardashians maintain strong ties to various outlets, most notably TMZ, and keep a tight leash on how details of their private lives are dissipated. For a long time, they kept from commenting on the most dramatic moments in real-time so that their responses could be exclusives for their reality show. Kylie Jenner’s two pregnancies were kept remarkably out of the private eye for a long time, leaving eagle-eyed voyeurs of her social media accounts hunting for clues and evidence. For a family whose image is built on this notion of total transparency, they keep their cards very close to their chests. That’s only gotten stronger as they’ve clawed their way to the upper echelons of the A-List.

But what about Timotay, the internet’s boyfriend and thinking person’s totty? His brand of celebrity doesn’t share much DNA with that of Jenner’s. He needs an element of mystique to his persona, a level of indie chic that doesn’t tend to go hand-in-hand with reality stars or influencer culture. But he’s also a 20-something rich white guy who hangs around with tons of major stars, including perennial plus-one Pete Davidson and, uh, Kanye West. He’s also not averse to being photographed in romantic entanglements. Remember those yacht pictures with Lily Rose Depp, or the ones of him in the pool with Eiza Gonzalez? He’s never shunned the spotlight, even as he widely avoids social media these days.

When a popular male celebrity starts dating literally any woman, the misogynistic responses are instant. The mere possibility of Chalamet dating anyone inspires a fervour from many of his fans, regardless of who the lucky woman is. We’ve seen this cycle before with everyone from Chris Evans and Benedict Cumberbatch to Harry Styles and Robert Pattinson (lot of white guys with decent faces, funnily enough.) When your illusion of celebrity perfection relies on stripping your idol of any remotely human characteristics, veering wildly between deifying and infantilizing them, how could any romantic partner step up? They can’t, and that’s by design. So, putting aside whatever you think about the Kardashian-Jenner family, and there is plenty to say about them, the notion of Chalamet dating Kylie can’t help but elicit fury from some corners. She’s a reality star, a mother of two, someone whose career is built on their augmented and filtered looks. The idea is that Chalamet, so smart and uninterested in tacky fame and focused on Art, is above such figures. Ha. Come on, guys. What man is above dating a gorgeous millionaire?

Yes, I’ve just spent about 800 words offering celebrity theory on something that probably isn’t true. Why? Well, I think it offers a fascinating case study into how these stories spread, why they do so, and who benefits from it all. It certainly doesn’t hurt Kylie Jenner to be associated with an Oscar-nominated actor with serious critical credit, but a ton of Chalamet fans see the mere prospect of him being Kardashian-adjacent as a shock to the system. This is a story that has lived and died almost entirely via DeuxMoi, whose stranglehold on modern celebrity gossip represents the internet’s growing sense of conspiratorial frenzy and supposed democratizing of fame. This is an account built on the idea that anyone can submit a story and have it be elevated to the level of fact through the mere act of sharing. DeuxMoi has had to cast a more cautious eye over submissions lately, but this is one story they’re consistently reinforcing as fact, despite any evidence to back that up. A recent ‘editor’s submission’ to the account said that a ‘makeup mogul was seen leaving the house of this pretty boy movie actor this week.’ Subtle.

It’d certainly be fascinating if Chalamet and Jenner were dating (Channer? Kylothee? Help me out here, guys.) I, a fan of chaos, would support this drama and the stylish red carpet looks from both. There have been weirder celebrity relationships, after all.