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Amber Rose is Shilling “Flat Tummy” Pregnancy Tea. Humanity Weeps and Jameela Jamil is not Pleased

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | June 20, 2019 |

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | June 20, 2019 |


Look if there’s one demographic in America that has had it too good for too long it’s pregnant women.


Amber Rose is here to make sure that pregnant ladies know that their bulging stomachs are f*cking gross, but luckily, there is a tea to help them from “The Flat Tummy Co.”

I mean, what could be wrong with that post, right?!

As Jameela Jamil was quick to point out, the FDA regulated status of Amber Rose’s tea is unknown.

I feel very tired, all of a sudden.

Per People, because you know they have the goods, here:

According to Flat Tummy Co.’s website, the tea contains organic ginger, rooibos, rosehips, lemon balm, oatstraw and stevia. The product’s description says it can be consumed by pregnant women, but also warns that pregnant and breastfeeding customers should consult with their doctors before consuming.

The site also notes that none of its statements about the tea have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

In life, I feel there are very, very, very few times you should point out a perceived flaw in someone else’s body and try to sell them something to fix it. In fact, the only instance where I can even fathom this is acceptable is if you somehow stumble on to a magic cache of beans that give you the ability to grow wings and fly if you consume them. Then, by all means, point out the fact that our meat sacks leave us earth-bound and that is an inherent flaw in their design because I agree. I wish I had wings to fly around on. It would mean I’m never stuck in horrible LA traffic again.

Other than that, don’t shill s*it to people to tell them how to fix things that don’t need fixing. That goes double for selling things to pregnant women who are carrying another living being inside of them, when your s*it clearly isn’t being regulated by federal agencies and you have no idea how it might negatively impact them.

Most of the time I would never knock another person trying to make a buck, I admire hustle—but…this is just bad. There is nothing kooky or redeemable about selling unregulated tea from the “Flat Tummy Co.” specifically marketed to pregnant women.

Honestly, Amber Rose should have launched a program where she names your child for you, and you pay a fee. That would harm no one, would still make her money, and the results may be hilarious. She could just bust out a dictionary, open up a random page, close her eyes, and just pick the word for a name that her finger randomly landed on. Think of the possibilities there! Babies named “Stucco” or “Valance”!

Like I said, I basically never begrudge someone’s hustle to make some money but duping pregnant women into buying “Flat Tummy” tea sucks. I’m with Jameela Jamil on this one.