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Adam Goldberg the Actor & Adam 'The Goldbergs' Goldberg Just Hissy Fitted All Over Twitter

By Vivian Kane | Celebrity | July 14, 2015 |

By Vivian Kane | Celebrity | July 14, 2015 |

I imagine it has to be hard for a person in the entertainment industry to try to make a name for himself when that name is shared with someone else trying to do the same. And that thought was confirmed today when this Adam Goldberg:

Threw a fit all over this Adam Goldberg:

And before we go any further, no, Adam Goldberg the actor did not verbally shit all over a child. He instead focused his rage on the creator of the show The Goldbergs, which is based on his life as a child— played by Sean Giambrone, pictured above. For clarity’s sake, from here on out, Adam Goldberg the actor will be referred to as AG1, and the creator of The Goldbergs will be AG2. Not for any sort of quality-based ranking, of course. We could call it chronological, because AG1 came into our lives first, in the form of Chandler’s crazy roommate, or we can call him #1 because he F*CKING STARTED THIS SHIT.

I mean, for AG1, this feud presumably began in his mind two years ago when The Goldbergs premiered and people started tweeting at him about a show he has no relation to. But to everyone else, it began when he posted this tweet about Not His Show moving times, dates, and networks.

That time, day, and network, by the way, is actually filled by— you guessed it— The Jim Gaffigan Show. HIS show. And he did not let the gag go.

At best, he seems to passive-aggressively respond to every single mistake.

The one-sidedness of this attack was pretty impressive (in a sad sort of way).

At least until after a few hours, when Adam Goldberg 2 caught on to what was happening.

And then it was ON. It was on like two grown men who have never met in person but have the same name and one of them has very strong feelings about that situation.

And while AG1 started this and, honestly does seem to be whining a whole lot, he’s right about AG2’s trolling abilities. Like bringing his own mother into the argument.

And to her great credit, Mom Goldberg goes the ultimate mom route, telling them both to play nice.

These boys are having none of it, though.

Until AG1 took things to the next level. The HuffPo Live level.

Finally, AG1 pulled the ultimate tactical retreat.

But AG2 was not about to let AG1 suddenly teleport to the high road.

And after just a few loose outside responses and retweets—

—The battle ended with a whispered Goldbergian fizzle. Just an unfulfilling a conclusion as the argument itself.

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