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You Want to Call Amy Schumer a Whore? She's Already Doing a Better Job of That Than You Could Ever Hope For

By Vivian Kane | Celebrity | January 18, 2016 |

By Vivian Kane | Celebrity | January 18, 2016 |

You may have heard this morning about the teenage film critic who made a joke about Amy Schumer being slutty. For the unfamiliar, “Lights, Camera” Jackson Murphy is a teenage movie critic who at the age of 11 was dubbed “the most annoying film critic ever.” He’s not a person you want to spend much time looking into or thinking about. But when he posted a picture of himself with Schumer at the Critics’ Choice Awards with a gross caption, Amy came by to shut it down.


Because sure, Schumer jokes about her sexuality a lot. And she knows that that gets her dubbed a “sex comic.”

So not only was Jackson’s joke tasteless, it was also lazy. You want to joke about Schumer having sex? She’s already got that covered. And in way more elaborate and clever ways that this kid could ever hope to achieve.

There was the time she received the Charlie Chaplin Award at the British Academy Britannia Awards, and just made a slew of anal jokes in her acceptance speech.

Hell, she made a whole “booty anthem” about the things her butt does.

She often plays the character of a self-proclaimed “whore.” We know this can be confusing. When a performer says something that’s different from or an exaggeration of who she really is— HOW CAN WE EVER KEEP UP?

When she gave us a new perspective on sex. Because she talks about sex, remember? She says words like “penis” and “vagina.”

Or when she talked about her very graphic love of Magic Mike XXL.

When she made her life goals known.

How about that time she just said she likes having sex?

When she just said those words out loud?

Just because a woman talks about having or enjoying sex, or says the word “vagina,” or has a body or demeanor that some asshole doesn’t find conducive to talking about these things, that doesn’t make her a whore.

Because yes, a lot of Schumer’s material is based around sex. And she also blurs the line between herself and an exaggerated satirically sexualized caricature. It can be hard to know where the joke’s limits are. But here’s a good rule of thumb: it’s HER joke to make. Schumer talking about sex and joking about how that is so often frowned upon, adopting the taboo and twisting it for her own comedy is much different than a teenage kid implying that she’s slept with a bunch of dudes.

And for those who think Schumer was being a bully, the kid apologized and Schumer kept it classy. Because she’s a classy f*cking lady.

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