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12 Ways Kumail Nanjiani And Emily Gordon Are Winning At Marriage

By Kristy Puchko | Celebrity | October 21, 2015 |

By Kristy Puchko | Celebrity | October 21, 2015 |

Look, we’re not saying marriage is a competition. Just that you should be grateful it’s not, because stand-up/actor Kumail Nanjiani and therapist/writer Emily Gordon are so damn great at it they’d make us all look like sloppy amateurs by comparison.

Don’t believe me? Here’s 12 ways this husband and wife crushed it marriage-wise.

They work together.

Gordon is a producer and booker on Nanjiani’s recurring stand-up show, The Meltdown which now airs on Comedy Central. In the above vid, she shares a bit about how she found her way from therapy to comedy.

They play together.
Seriously, they have a whole podcast about their shared hobbies. It’s called The Indoor Kids. Get hip to it.

She inspires him to take fashion risks.

This is maybe my favorite to happen on The Meltdown, which is regularly all kinds of hilarious. Co-host Jonah Ray relentlessly mocks Nanjiani for his “fancy” jacket. It’s a recurring ridiculous bit in this ep, and later Gordon gets involved, poking her head out to defend her blushing groom. It’s a-goddamn-dorable, people.

He celebrates her successes:

They have adventures! For real. This could be a Goosebumps cover.

They share frustrations. Like when Nanjiani gets confused with Raj from Big Bang Theory by a notable publication.

They turn an inconsiderate Chatty Cathy into an excuse for a cute couple shot:

They advocate together:

Their Twitter banter deserves its own rom com:

Their selfie game is on point:

They keep it fresh and fun in the bedroom.
Kumail: We have, like, Butt Stuff Sundays, you know? [laughter] That’s not real.
Emily: It is a safe spot though. No one’s gonna be offended if we want to try something new because, good god, it’s so many years with this person! Every conversation we have about something like that starts with, “I think you’re great, and you think I’m great, and we really like fucking each other. Now let’s talk about this other thing.”
Kumail: For me, a weird thing with sex was that it’s OK to do stuff that’s not just real basic.
Emily: You were weird about that? I didn’t notice. You took to it like a duck to water.
Kumail: Okkkk.
Emily: [laughing]

Plus their wedding story is way better than yours. You don’t need to trust me. You can read it at Cosmo.

You’re lucky marriage isn’t a competition. Because team Indoor Kids would school you for days.

Kristy Puchko may have teared up with joy after staring at that GIF too long.

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Kristy Puchko is the managing editor of Pajiba. You can follow her on Twitter.