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Let's Pour One Out for How Stylish the 'Moonlight' Cast Is

By Rebecca Pahle | Case Study In Hotness | February 1, 2017 |

By Rebecca Pahle | Case Study In Hotness | February 1, 2017 |

It’s been tough, this week, to muster up shits to give about fun pop culture topics. January isn’t the greatest month even in years we’re not sliding ass-first down a slime-slicked slip-‘n’-slide straight into the waiting maw of the Apocalypse. But in between the marches and the calls to your Senators and keeping up-to-date on the many ways in which our country is going to shit, everyone needs some time to step back and appreciate that there’s still beauty in the world. I will bring it to light. I will make that sacrifice. Because if there are two things that can get me to poke my frizz be’topped noggin from the full-on swamp of depression I’ve set up residence in, it’s A) hot people and B) good suits.

Hello, Moonlight cast. Hello and thank you.

Mahershala Ali

Mahershala Ali gave an emotional acceptance speech at last weekend’s SAG Awards when he wiped the floor with Hugh Grant’s face, and he did it while wearing this sophisticated as hell white suit. He looks like he’s about to serenade me in between taking sips of bourbon. (The loafers. The loafers.)

Ali went for a black-on-black look at the Producers Guild awards and a more standard tux at the Golden Globes. The man sticks to the classics, but why mix it up when you look this good?

Janelle Monáe

We all know that Janelle Monáe can rock a suit like nobody’s business…

…but her frock-clad self has also been killing it on the monochrome front lately.

I’ve just been hit by the sudden urge for a Janelle Monáe-led Sailor Moon reboot.

Trevante Rhodes

I’m just going to get it out of the way right now that Trevante Rhodes is a puppy dog in human form. We as a species do not deserve him, but I’m glad God saw fit to put him on this planet all the same.


He has the smile of a million angels and wears velvet suits sometimes.

It’s all unacceptable.

Ashton Sanders

Even I, inveterate lover of a good suit, have to admit that menswear on the red carpet can get a bit boring. You have tuxes, and… other tuxes. Sometimes with different colors and fabrics, but taken as a whole things get a bit same-y. And then there’s ASHTON FUCKING SANDERS, middle Chiron and budding fashion icon.

Tell me an outfit that isn’t improved by popping a leather jacket over it.

Ashton Sanders has more style in one artfully oversized blazer than Ryan Gosling musters throughout the entirety of awards season.

Naomie Harris

~*~Goddess supreme~*~

Naomie, like all of us, has the occasional fashion misstep, I might forget to wear pants too if I had legs like that.

André Holland

Regular readers will know my feelings on André Holland, which basically boil down to ASDFGHJHGFDSDFGHJHGFD.

What a Goddamned jerk this man is.

College professor chic. Go fuck yourself, sir.

I am in physical pain.

Also, from Amirah Mercer’s profile in Vanity Fair, which I pored over because you know I have a problem, this tidbit:

There is, though, one possible distraction that could steer him off his course. Holland says he has a bit of a bad fashion habit: his vice is “really nice, well-made clothing,” and he regularly frequents Devon Scott, a designer at Jeffrey New York he’s known for years “who makes incredible suits.” Holland adds, “He’s just a cool brother from North Carolina and a lot of the suits that I wear are made by him.”

André Holland was created in a lab specifically to destroy me.

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