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The Ten Biggest Box-Office Flops of 2013, So Far

By Dustin Rowles | Box Office Round-Ups | July 7, 2013 |

By Dustin Rowles | Box Office Round-Ups | July 7, 2013 |

Despicable Me topped the box-office over the Fourth of July weekend, and it wasn’t even close. Not only did the animated sequel’s $142 million set the pace for the $220 million weekend (up 12 percent over last year’s same weekend0, it was the third highest Independence Day opening of all time, behind only Transformers: Dark of the Moon and Spider-Man 2. The flip side, however, was the gross of <>The Lone Ranger, Johnny Depp’s toilet floater which put up only $48 million, which wouldn’t be that bad were it not for the movie’s $215 million budget. Given the little interest worldwide for Westerns based on a classic American character, even Johnny Depp’s worldwide appeal won’t bring The Lone Ranger even with its budget. In fact, it’s likely to have a $50 million shortfall, at least, before marketing is even accounted for. Alas, it looks like Johnny Depp’s ability to support the acting community is in jeopardy.

Speaking of box-office flops, scanning the list of releases this year so far, whatever you want to say about the quality of movies in 2013, it’s at least apparent that studio executives are pretty great at their job. In fact, of the movies released so far, there’s only 10 movies in 2013 so far that have a worldwide box-office that will not exceed their budgets. Granted, the cost of marketing is not included in these numbers, so barely break even at the box office is not a guarantee of profitability. Since the average budget on a studio film these days is around $70 million, and the average marketing budget for a film is around $36 million, a good rule of thumb is that a movie’s marketing and advertising budget is likely somewhere around half of its production budget, which means these four films — all of which barely eked out box-office profits, are not likely to be profitable anyway.

Box office grosses are worldwide.

Jack the Giant Slayer — $197 million worldwide ($195 million budget)

The Internship — $63 million ($58 million budget)

The Host — $48 million ($40 million budget)

Beautiful Creatures — $60 million ($60 million budget)

So, the ten films that actually did lose money this year actually lost much more once marketing and advertising is accounted for, even including international box office. These, then are the ten biggest flops of 2013, so far.

1. White House Down — $67 million so far ($150 million budget) (estimated loss by the end of the film’s run around $60 million)


2. The Lone Ranger — $73 million so far ($215 millon budget) (estimated loss around $50 million)


3. Bullet to the Head — $9 million ($55 million budget) (loss $46 million)


4. Parker — $17 million ($35 million budget) (loss $18 million)


5. Broken City — $19 million ($35 million budget) (loss $16 million)


6. The Big Wedding — $21 million ($35 million budget) (loss $14 million)


7. The Incredible Burt Wonderstone — $22 million ($30 million budget) (loss $8 million)


8. Stand Up Guys — $3 million ($15 million budget) (loss $12 million)


9. The Last Stand — $37 million ($45 million) (loss $8 million)


10. Trance — $17 million ($20 million) (loss $3 million)