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Cannonball Read III: Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris

By Pinky McLadybits | Books | December 9, 2011 |

By Pinky McLadybits | Books | December 9, 2011 |

It has been a long time since I read a Sookie Stackhouse novel. So long, in fact, that I couldn’t quite remember what had happened in the last book and needed to re-read my own review to catch up. I was less than pleased with Harris’s last outing in the Stackhouse series, but I tore through this one. Seriously, I picked it up from the library around three in the afternoon and finished it at a quarter after ten.

As always with books in a series, there may be spoilers from this point on.

Sookie has survived bloody vampire coups, attacks by fairies, werewolf fights, and nearly any supernatural creature being an asshole to her that you can imagine. Yet, she still has a relationship with Eric Northman, vampire sheriff of Area Five. Her fairy cousin and great-uncle live in her house with her. She keeps in contact with a witch in Louisiana, her brother is a were-panther, and she still keeps in contact with werewolf Alcide Herveaux. The girl is just asking for trouble.

Since the two-natured creatures of the supernatural world, including Sookie’s boss Sam Merlowe, made themselves known to society, Merlotte’s has been victim to slumping business. One night, someone throws a Molotov Cocktail through a window, attempting to burn down the bar. Luckily, this fails. Sookie and Sam aren’t sure who hates Merlotte’s enough to want to ruin it.

Meanwhile, Eric and Pam are plotting the demise of Victor, the regent of Louisiana for new King Felipe. Victor hates Eric and is bent on provoking the powerful vampire into a fight that will end badly for at least one of them.

The new Sookie novel brings some characters into the fold that you don’t expect, but it doesn’t seem forced and they all act as catalysts for the story and for Sookie. Sookie is struggling with what the blood-bond between her and Eric really means and what kind of person she is for wishing for and taking part in so many deaths throughout the series. There is a lot less sex and a lot more self-reflection. There is also a lot less plot, though at least one thread was a bit of a surprise. I really can’t wait for the (alleged) last two books of the series.

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