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Tipping My Hat to the New Constitution

By Miscellaneous | | April 1, 2010 |

By Miscellaneous | | April 1, 2010 |

I’ll be upfront and honest: I don’t really know what the title of today’s Trends is supposed to mean, but “Tipping My Hat to the Internet Hoax Recaps” just wasn’t an obvious enough reference to that appropriate Who song (what’s it called? “Teenage Wasteland,” or something). Anyway, since so many blogs did the obligatory fake news thing today, and so many other blogs spotlighted those blogs, I’m going to be the blog that spotlights those other blogs.

And then I’m going to fly to my mom’s in Arizona because somebody had to tease us New Yorkers about In N Out coming to town. Thanks for the “animal style” craving, asshole.

Before I link to the linkers, though, I just want to say I could really go for a real Dharma Initiative Alarm Clock (let it be this year’s Tauntaun sleeping bag, ThinkGeek), given that I sleep through my buzzer (or simply forget to set it) all the time.

  • Kyle Buchanan at Movieline: has gotten into the spirit of April Fool’s Day, teasing several brand-new shows that may be parody, but are still things I would definitely rather DVR than, say, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Add Elizabeth Mitchell as Sandra Bullock as Leigh Anne Tuohy in The Blind Sayid, and you can just take my remote control. I won’t be needing it anymore … (personally, I’m partial to FlasherForward, which would certainly be more interesting than the real thing)
  • Marc Bernardin at io9:
    The winner is totally Comics Alliance’s “scoop” that Alan Moore’s next iteration of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen would be set in the ’80s and his supergroup of heroes would include Jack Burton, Angus MacGyver, B.A. Barracus., Doctor Emmet Brown, and the sentient hotness known as Lisa.
  • Stephen Johnson at The Feed:
    My early pick for funniest internet April Fool joke: Funny or Die’s joke. The hook: Teen-pop sensation Justin Bieber has taken over the site, and is featuring only Justin Bieber videos.

    “Anything that’s not Bieber… dies,” Justin says in the intro video.

    Check it out. It’s really funny, and might give you a new appreciation for Justin Bieber. He stars in a bunch of videos and seems to have a great sense of humor.

  • Liz Shannon Miller at NewTeeVee:
    As fun as it is, though, Bieber’s presence underlines one of the key facets of Funny or Die’s existence — its addiction to celebrity star power to drive views. Is this joke really just a desperate cry for help? Will Dr. Drew need to get involved?
  • Josh Wigler at Splash Page:
    Michael Cera Is The Flash: Chris Evans isn’t the only “Scott Pilgrim” star that can juggle multiple comic book roles — according to Screen Rant’s exclusive and undoubtedly truthful report, Michael Cera has signed on to star as Wally West in “The Flash.” Except that he hasn’t. Not really.

    No, Chuck Is The Flash: If not Michael Cera, what other actor could be wearing Wally West’s speedy spandex? How about “Chuck” star Zachary Levi, formerly connected to a role in “Thor” as Fandral the Dashing? Geoff Johns “told” Fused Film that Levi is a frontrunner for the role. It’s actually pretty great casting, but probably completely false.

  • Cinema Blend:
    Fox Searchlight: Little Miss Sunshine And Garden State To Be Converted Into 3D
    Even the studios are getting in on the game! It’s actually kind of a relief to see them make this a joke, since now we can know for sure that they won’t actually do it. God, we hope that’s true.
  • The Moviezzz Blog:
    Nothing against humor on blogs, or even April Fool’s Day. The “Moviezzz” name was created as an April Fool’s Day joke years ago.

    But when many news sites go with phony stories, it cheapens the whole thing. You don’t pick up the New York Times on April first and see all sorts of fake stories.

  • Erik Davis at Cinematical:
    Let’s face it: April Fool’s jokes are lame. For the first couple hours, you’re hit with all these fantastical headlines full of stories you may have wished for during your last acid trip at a Blockbuster video. You click in, absorbing the text — re-tweeting it like crazy to your friends before realizing — d’oh! — you’ve been had. (If only you’d looked at the calendar.) J.J. Abrams really isn’t making the Cloverfield monster the villain in the next Star Trek movie. It sucks; your Twitter followers will think you’re kind of an idiot, and you’ll feel ashamed for maybe getting excited at the possibility of John Cho hanging from the Cloverfield monster’s neck, swinging through the air while another character yells from the distance, “Hold on! He has to have a weak spot!”

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