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Breaking: Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie, Gonzo and Probably Rowlf to Also Be in New Muppet Movie

By Miscellaneous | | March 16, 2010 |

By Miscellaneous | | March 16, 2010 |

It’s a slow news day, so why not report on things as obvious as the announcement that Jason Segel will indeed star in The Greatest Muppet Movie of All Time, which he co-wrote and has been developing since day one. And why not acknowledge that it’s an “exclusive.” Well, okay, Segel didn’t have to appear in the movie, even if he’s a popular star of TV and movies. Just as we couldn’t be sure that Woody Allen would appear in a Muppet movie he wrote, neither could we have reasonably bet our house on Segel being the star of this one.

Meanwhile, I’ve got my own exclusive breaking news to report: I’m writing a post on Pajiba. I know, I’ve been doing them for awhile, but it wasn’t confirmed that I’d be writing a post today. So, there you have it. Let the blogging on that begin. And maybe I’ll highlight those commentaries in tomorrow’s Blog Trends, if it so happens that I’m officially signed on to write one.

In the meantime, here’s today’s trend: noting the obviousness of Segel’s official casting:

  • Mark at I Watch Stuff:
    Ever since it was announced the Forgetting Sarah Marshall team of Jason Segel and Nick Stoller were writing the new Muppet movie, you just assumed Segel would take the part of “affable human character” in this thing, right? Yeah, me too. Turns out: not confirmed! Now it is, though.
  • Mike Sampson at
    Since the very day it was announced that Jason Segel would be developing a new Muppet movie for Disney with FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL director Nicholas Stoller, most people assumed that Segel would also be starring in the film. Now we have confirmation.
  • Monika Bartyzel at Cinematical:
    Big shocker! After talking about it for eons, teasing us with small details, and writing the script with Nicholas Stoller, THR’s Heat Vision reports that Jason Segel is going to become the quintessential human element to the next Muppet movie.
  • Sean Dwyer at Film Junk:
    It may have been a foregone conclusion, but Jason Segel will play the lead human in the upcoming Muppet movie that he co-wrote with Nicholas Stoller.
  • Will LeBlanc at Cinema Blend:
    This shouldn’t come as that big of a surprise since the idea to even make a new Muppet film essentially came from his brain; it only makes sense that he step into the lead.
  • Lane Brown at Vulture:
    Jason Segel has signed on as the lead non-Muppet in Disney’s new Muppets movie, says the Hollywood Reporter, which comes as no great surprise, since he did write the script.
  • Jeff Sneider at TheWrap:
    In news that should come as a surprise to absolutely no one, Muppet superfan Jason Segel has signed on as the human lead in Disney’s Muppets movie
  • James White at Empire:
    To be honest, it’s hardly big news: given his love for all things felt and fun, Segel was a shoo-in for at least a role in the film, and has promised to drag in friends from Judd Apatow’s canon. But word that he’ll be the main human was slightly more surprising given his lesser star power.
  • CJ Simonson at Collider:
    It seems only fitting that Jason Segel has finally signed on to star in the upcoming Muppets movie. Segel has had an extensive role in the development of the upcoming film, entitled The Greatest Muppet Movie Ever Made, which he penned with Forgetting Sarah Marshall director Nicholas Stoller.
  • Simon Dang at The Playlist:
    The casting makes perfect sense and it frankly would have been odd to see someone else step into the role. Segel’s puppet performance in Stoller’s “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” was the catalyst for the project with the two masterminding its conception and development.
  • Brendon Connelly at /Film:
    Loud and proud Muppets fan Jason Segel has not only written the fluffy ones’ upcoming movie, but as The Hollywood Reporter unsurprisingly reveal in their Heat Vision blog, he’s signed on to play the lead role. According to their piece, the plot is under wraps but… er… I’ve read two different drafts of the screenplay, so it isn’t that secret.
  • S.T. VanAirsdale at Movieline:
    You know it’s going to be a slow news day when material that’s been rumored and recycled and regurgitated for the better part of two years sends the Web into paroxysms of buzz. […] Now, if someone tells me Segel has to spring Dr. Teeth from rehab or that Animal is doing 25-to-life for criminally negligent AHHRARRRAHHRRAHHH, then it’s time to get excited. Am I right? Let’s get this thing going already.
  • Vince Mancini at FilmDrunk:
    Set to be directed by James Bobin, sources say it will be different from previous Muppet movies in that all the humor will be derived from Jason Segel’s bare penis.