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Jakesully Vants To Suck Your Blood

By Miscellaneous | | January 26, 2010 |

By Miscellaneous | | January 26, 2010 |

After all the trouble they’ve had with Wolfman, you’d think Universal would just decide to leave its classic monsters alone. But if you’d think that you’d be an idiot, because all the studio needs to do is look at the success of the Mummy movies, the success of the Twilight movies and the eon of time since the last official Dracula movie to know it’s time to dust off the ol’ Bram Stoker once again. Seriously, there are kids whose parents weren’t even alive when Coppola’s movie was in theaters.

So who is Universal getting to play the Count this time? Well, Latino Review says it’s going to be Avatar’s Sam Worthington. I’m not going to bother saying what I think of the idea, since I’m guessing the only truth to the rumor is that someone at Universal brought his name up. Because his name has been brought up in every single casting brainstorm in Hollywood in the past six months, and now that Avatar is THE HIGHEST GROSSING FILM OF ALL TIME (no thanks to him, of course), he’s undeservedly the hottest actor of the moment.

Of course, just because a story sounds like b.s. doesn’t mean the internerds aren’t going to be all up in arms about it. Here’s what the blogs are saying about the idea of Jakesully as Drac:

  • Mark at I Watch Stuff:
    I know what you’re thinking: vampires AND Avatar guy!? Those are the two hottest things market research has revealed to us this year! Surefire hit! YOU’D THINK. Except it turns out vampires are only really that popular if they’re in an established, barely-sexual relationship with a high schooler, and Sam Worthington still has not been successfully picked out of a lineup by anyone but James Cameron and McG (on his second guess). Nice try, though, Universal.
  • Lane Brown at Vulture:
    Here’s how Hollywood thinks money gets made: Sam Worthington — the guy who played Jake Sully in his non-blue, human form during all of Avatar’s boring parts — will star as a vampire (one who does not fight with a werewolf over Kristen Stewart) in Alex Proyas’s Dracula Year Zero.
  • Krystal Clark at ScreenCrave:
    The only problem with this movie is Worthington. He seems like a very unlikely candidate for this type of a role. There’s a certain kind of laid back charisma that Dracula in known for. Worthington is good at being in your face and doing action, but there’s a certain sophistication that you need to play off the baddest vampire of them all.
  • Matt Holmes at Obsessed with Film:
    I could maybe buy Worthington as the ruler of a big empire and a killing machine warrior - he makes a credible action lead and I think he’ll work better in Clash of the Titans than he did in Terminator Salvation but as the tragic, charming, multi-dimensional Dracula? Well, he’s no Gary Oldman.
  • Alison Nastasi at Horror Squad:
    First the news about Jason Momoa as the new Conan and now this? Worthington seems totally miscast but I’m actually excited about Universal exploring the origins of Dracula’s character. […] Based on looks alone, Worthington is completely off and I’m gritting my teeth thinking about that Aussie accent rearing its head like it did in Avatar.
  • John Gholson at Cinematical:
    It’s like Dominic Purcell all over again (he played almost-Dracula “Drake” in Blade Trinity). What qualities does Sam Worthington bring to the table that make him a suitable Dracula? His muscles? His extended green-screen acting experience? This choice just feels wrong, on about every level imaginable.

  • Joseph Baxter at The Feed:
    While we can try to analyze what Sam Worthington (who has had no difficulty finding roles in the last year) could bring to this surely tragic tale of power, lost love, and a Faustian bargain for immortality, we really have nothing on which to base such an analysis. At this point, it could be anything: A horrific look at history OR a post-Twilight romanticization that glosses over the brutality with a dark, but aesthetically-pleasing atmosphere. (Sure, the man maimed and dismembered 100,000 people, while forcing some to actually eat the remains of their own friends and family, but deep inside, he’s just a lost child who just needs the right woman to tame his heart. That woman could be played by…Sandra Bullock!)
  • Meredith Woerner at io9:
    We shudder at the thought of a bad-ass, yet misunderstood, Vlad the Impaler, with sexy riding horse, long leather coat and carefree bad boy attitude. Rules, you know he hates ‘em. Young Vlad kills who he wants, when he wants, until he falls in love with a beautiful milk maid from the wrong side of the dirt road tracks. Will love conquer this beast’s wild heart and tame their lust into something beautiful? Nope, probably not.
  • Dr. Cole Abaius at Film School Rejects:
    Casting Sam Worthington as Dracula is the biggest Transylvanian mistake since the time I ended up stealing those magic beans from that gypsy. Long story short: she followed me to a parking garage and shoved he whole face onto mine, dentures and all.
  • Mike Sampson at
    Sam Worthington is probably the most famous actor that most people still don’t know. Try this. Go ask your mom if she knows who Sam Worthington is and I guarantee 95% of moms have no idea. I’m not saying moms are the be all, end all of recognition but I think you get my gist. But now that AVATAR is the biggest movie since, well ever, expect Worthington’s star to rise even further to the point where your parents might have some idea who he is!
  • Ross Miller at ScreenRant:
    I guess it’s no surprise that Worthington is in the running, as much like Ryan Reynolds or Robert Pattinson, you should pretty much expect that their names are going to be attached to any big role that comes along. I’m sure this story of Worthington’s attachment will be proven true or false soon enough.
  • Chris Hewitt at Empire:
    It now seems to be some sort of Hollywood law that Sam Worthington be linked with every major male role going. Flash Gordon. Captain America. Neil Buchanan in a big-screen version of Art Attack - he’s been connected to them all at some point.
  • Eric Eisenberg at Cinema Blend:
    For those keeping score, Worthington is now scheduled to star in every single movie in 2011 including Breaking Dawn where he will play Bella and Edward’s superpowered vampire baby.
  • Simon Dang at The Playlist:
    Sam Worthington is also rumored to be the lead in going to the grocery for Bounty towels this afternoon, don’t fret or put too much stock into it. His name is dropped for everything.

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