Behold: The Most Brilliant Stupid Question

Kristy Puchko | Videos | August 29, 2017

Be prepared to have your mind blown with a seemingly simple question: Are fish wet?

Now, I know. Your first thought is, “Of course fish are wet. Fish live in water. Water is wet. Therefore fish, surrounded by water, are wet.”

Uh huh. I hear you. I was like you once. I was like in act one of The Matrix before Neo had the striking reality of his world exposed. Then I watched this video from Foolish Goat. And gang, it’s a whole new world.

Watch it. Then let’s regroup.

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Okay. Are fish wet?

Think what the counter argument is. It’s not that fish are dry. But that our understanding of wet is based on not being in water, but being in air. When you get out of a pool, you are described as wet. When you are not yet in a pool, you are dry. Because humans created language, our language is based on being land animals who exist surrounded in air, not water. If we existed in water, there would be no need for the word “dry”—because dry wouldn’t exist—and no need for “wet”—because EVERYTHING is wet.

So are fish wet? Sound off in the comments.

H/T Rebecca Pahle

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