FX Is Promoting The Return Of 'Legion' In The Best Way Possible: By Letting Aubrey Plaza Do It

Tori Preston | TV | February 20, 2018

We’ve already gotten some tantalizing glimpses at the return of Legion in that recent FX Originals promo, but this new trailer for season 2 is something else entirely. It barely shows us any footage from the show or the characters, and it doesn’t really try to hint at what’s to come for David Haller and his mutant friends. But that’s ok, because what it DOES do is give us a fresh 60 second mind-fuck courtesy of Aubrey Plaza, in her full-on fake therapist mode. Which, frankly, is all I want from Legion anyway.

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Apparently last season was all a delusion. But what’s coming next season? It’s all very real. Except… if we’re all delusional, WILL WE EVEN BE ABLE TO TELL THAT IT’S REAL? Honestly, as long as Plaza keeps getting to do her creepy Lenny/Shadow King schtick, I’m more than happy to question my sanity.

Legion returns April 3rd.

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