Trump Supporters Debating a DACA Recipient on Jimmy Kimmel Is Surprising, But Not in the Way You Expect

Dustin Rowles | TV | January 31, 2018

Sometimes, you’ll look on social media, and you’ll see all these racist Trump supporters ranting and raving, and you think, “There’s no way they behave like that in real life. When confronted by real examples, who could possibly be that cruel?”

Trump supporters, that’s who.

Last night, Jimmy Kimmel put several Trump supporters in a room to debate a DACA recipient. Kimmel could not have picked a more sympathetic woman. She came over when she was 2 years old. She has a job. She’s in nursing school. She has an adorable baby, and she is married to a conservative soldier from Kansas who is about to be deployed, and whose wife may be deported while he’s overseas fighting for our country.

I genuinely thought this was going to be one of those feel-good videos where, when confronted with the reality of a DACA recipient’s life, the Trump supporters see how heartbreaking the situation is and change their minds. I think that Jimmy Kimmel probably expected that, too.

It’s not how it plays out. Even after being confronted with a heartbreaking scenario, these Trump supporters look this woman in the eye and tell her that she should be deported.

Wow. These people completely lack compassion. It is stunning. It may have briefly demolished the little faith in humanity I had remaining.

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