Let's Talk 'RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 3' Episode 2, And The Latest Eliminated Queen

Kristy Puchko | TV | February 2, 2018

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars went big and bold with its second episode, challenging the queens to celebrate the biggest divas in the music industry with a lip sync and dance extravaganza. For the runway, the contestants were given a shot at Ru-demption, creating new looks for previously flubbed challenges. Naturally, more drama went down as the queens took being divas to heart.


Convinced she’d been set up to fail, Thory Thor proved her self-fulling prophecy, biffing her Stevie Nicks performance, and underwhelming the judges. Meanwhile, Kennedy Davenport struggled with Todrick Hall’s Janet Jackson-styled choreography, but what really did her in was not knowing the lyrics. (Where’s Valentina’s veil when you need one?) At the top of the crop, BenDeLaCreme slayed as a bawdy Julie Andrews, but was bested in the lip sync by Shangela, who’d brought down the house as a giving-no-fucks Mariah Carey.

When it came down to who should go home, Shangela gave good camera talking about strategy and Game of Thrones, but ultimately saved her friend, and sent home Thorgy. That eliminated queen handled the moment with all the grace we’ve come to expect from the girl still talking shit on the widely beloved Bob The Drag Queen. Which is to say absolutely none.

World of Wonder’s latest vid offers a behind-the-scenes look at episode 2. Which the queens spilling the tea over a BBQ lunch, Milk souring, and Thorgy getting shady. Honestly, it’s a lot. She shows off a paper-doll outfit that would have gotten her laughed off the runway. She reveals her bizarre Snatch Game plan. But most galling of all might be when the crew asks her which diva she’d have preferred to play. Her answer made me facepalm so hard I have a bruise.

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So much for learning from your mistakes.

Next week the queens will take on a reality-TV inspired challenge with “The Bitchelor” with extra special guest judge Constance Zimmer from UnREAL.

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What did you think of this ep? What are you hoping to see next week? Sound off in comments.

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