'Legion' Season 2: Oh, So THAT'S The Shadow King!

Tori Preston | TV | March 7, 2018

The end of everything is coming, according to this new trailer for the upcoming second season of FX’s Legion. Also, there’s DANCING!

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Unlike the previous tantalizing glimpses we’ve seen, this trailer provides a better sense of the plot, which appears to pick up with David Haller’s abduction in that, uh, weird flying ball thing from the end of last season. Related: I love this show. Anyway, he will return (somehow…) to find his mutant comrades teaming up with Division 3 to fight the Shadow King. And based on the discordant violin music setting the tone, things are gonna get creepy and bad this season.

The strange characters and trippy visuals are all back, with an unsettling side of chattering teeth. But will David still be the confused, lost man he was, or will he be more comfortable with his incredible powers this time around?

Legion returns on April 3rd. GIVE IT TO ME NOW.

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