CNN Reporter on Patrick Meehan (Basically): Young Women Don't Want to F--k Old Dudes Who Are Their Bosses

Dustin Rowles | TV | January 25, 2018

I have been following journalist Kaitlan Collins on social media for a long while. She came to my attention last year, soon after the Inauguration, when she asked some tough questions of Sean Spicer during a Press Briefing. That stuck with me because, at the time, she was the White House Correspondent for The Daily Caller, a conservative outlet started by Tucker Carlson.

The tough questioning during those briefings clearly caught the attention of CNN, as well, which hired her away last summer. She’s 25 years old, and she’s worked her way up from entertainment reporter on a conservative website to a somewhat seasoned reporter on CNN now.

Not bad.

Anyway, she appeared on Jake Tapper’s program yesterday to talk about Rep. Patrick Meehan, who is in the midst of a sexual harassment scandal after he made romantic overtures to his much younger aide, which he claims she invited him to do by asking him out for ice cream.

Uh, no.

Let’s let Kaitlin Collins set the record straight on the relationship between an older male employer and his younger female subordinate, in case it’s not abundantly clear.

tl;dr: No one wants to fuck you, old men.

Oh, and on the Andrew McCabe situation, Collins has a few words for Trump defenders there, too:

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