Steven Soderbergh's 'Unsane' Looks Horrifying and Familiar

Jodi Smith | Industry | January 29, 2018

Steven Soderbergh “retired” from film-making in 2013. Since then he has released Logan Lucky, gave us the television series The Knick, and worked on the app and series versions of Mosaic for HBO. Now we learn that Soderbergh filmed an entire horror film on his iPhone.

He’s not very good at this retirement gig.

Unsane is Soderbergh’s secretly filmed movie and the trailers make it seem like the current social and political climate could either boost or destroy it. Unsane follows a young woman (Claire Foy) who is convinced she’s seeing her stalker (Joshua Leonard) everywhere she goes. In an attempt to get some help, she inadvertently commits herself to a psychiatric hospital.

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A woman seeks assistance with a man she says has followed her from Boston to her new town, stalking her physically and digitally. The woman shares her story and is labeled insane. It’s a familiar narrative to any woman that’s been called hysterical or told that they’re “overreacting” about things when they come forward with allegations against a man.

Of course, we cannot know based on the trailer whether the young woman is crazy or if she’s actually being stalked and harassed and the interactions we are shown as being delusion are merely remnants of her trauma. We won’t know until the film is released March 23rd, 2018. I can only hope that Soderbergh has taken the path less traveled in this horror trope and Unsane will prove to be more than just another tale of a woman being written off as crazy so she can be ignored.

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