'Bright' Is Getting A Sequel and Max Landis Is Not Invited

Jodi Smith | Industry | January 3, 2018

Netflix took to social media platforms to announce the Will Smith and Joel Edgerton flick Bright is getting a sequel.

Based on most reviews calling the movie “impressively ludicrous” and “the worst movie of 2017”, I can only hypothesize that all those hate views made a sequel possible. Thanks to the 11 million people who watched it in its first weekend of availability.

Smith and Edgerton are already locked in for the sequel, as is director David Ayers, but there’s one component who is not making the return: writer Max Landis.

Landis, problematic and notorious creep, has been replaced with Ayer in the script-writing department. Although this allows Netflix to remove yet another white dude from their programming who has multiple allegations of assault and harassment, the streaming giant is still left with a clumsy allegory of racism crapped out by Landis.

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