Jessica Chastain Breaks Character in Brilliant Anti-Trump 'SNL' Game Show: 'Does It Even Matter?'

Dustin Rowles | Saturday Night Live | January 21, 2018

Jessica Chastain is hosting this week’s Saturday Night Live, and to be honest, up until this sketch — about midway through the show — it hasn’t been going particularly well. This gameshow, however, redeems much of the awful in the front half. Jessica Chastain hosts a show where she tells contestants something that the President did or said and they have to answer, “Does it even matter anymore?”

The jokes are pretty obvious, but Chastain’s slow meltdown is fantastic (and 100 percent accurate). The meta-ending is a cherry on top as all the SNL cast members on the game show break character to console one another. This? This I loved.

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We will have a full recap of tonight’s episode up first thing in the morning.

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