The #WomensMarch2018 in Pictures

The Pajiba Staff | Politics | January 20, 2018

While mostly men were in Washington D.C. today twirling their thumbs up their asses in the midst of a Government Shutdown, and while yet another Senator is being investigated for sexual harassment, and while our Misogynist in Chief was fuming because he couldn’t go to his fancy party in Florida on the first anniversary of his Presidency, Women around this country marched. They marched against the inaction of our government. They marched against sexual harassment and assault, they marched against unequal pay, and they marched for access to abortion, and they marched for Human Rights for all of us.

It was fucking inspiring, and another reminder that — though conservatives control the government for now — women control the streets, and there are more of them than there are of you, and they are fucking coming for you. If these folks can maintain this passion for another 10 months, the midterms are going to be a goddamn bloodbath for the GOP.

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