Please Take 20 Seconds Out of Your Morning To Laugh at Sean Hannity

Dustin Rowles | Politics | January 26, 2018

Here’s Sean Hannity, dismissing the NYTimes report that President Trump tried to have Bob Mueller fired … followed shortly thereafter by a chilling scene in which Sean Hannity has to remove large amounts of egg from his face.

It’s worth noting here that Sean Hannity did confirm that President Trump tried to fire Mueller, which contradicts Trump’s statement this morning from Davos that the Times report is “Fake News.”

But more to the point, we have the President’s biggest cable news defender, by far, expressing outrage at any suggestion that Donald Trump might have attempted to have the Special Counsel fired only to have to backtrack and change the tone of his argument from, “He would never!” to “Eh, so what if he did? What’s the big deal?”

The real important story, however, is that high-speed chase.

God, what a bonehead.

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