Donald Trump Defends Rob Porter's Character, Continues to Sympathize with Abusers and Predators

Dustin Rowles | Politics | February 9, 2018

Donald Trump did a huge favor for his Chief of Staff John Kelly today by taking the heat off of him and refocusing the nation’s exhaustion and outrage back onto himself by saying the the absolute worst possible thing he could say when asked about Rob Porter.

“We certainly wish him well. It’s obviously a very tough time for him. We wish him a very wonderful career … He’s very sad. Very sad when we heard about it … as you probably know he says he’s innocent and I think you have to remember that. We absolutely wish him well.”

Poor Rob Porter. It’s so sad for him that after violently abusive relationships with multiple women, the media finally caught on. It’s a real shame because this wife-beating thug was so good at his job, and good men like Rob Porter — who beat his first wife and pulled his second wife out of a shower and berated her — deserve only the best. Let’s just hope that the restraining order and the pressure that Porter put on his second wife not to rat him out to the FBI doesn’t hurt his long-term prospects.

Thanks, Trump, for looking out for those who mean the most in these situations, the real victims. Those poor, put-upon domestic abusers.

Reminder: Republicans don’t care about women.

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