Marco Rubio Delivers Humiliating Self-Own During CNN Gun Reform Debate

Dustin Rowles | Politics | February 22, 2018

OK, OK. I will give credit to Marco Rubio for this: He showed up in front of a hostile audience to have a debate about guns. This is not something most Senators would do, and certainly not a Senator with deep pockets lined with campaign contributions from the NRA. I’ll also give Rubio credit for this: Despite Trump coming out in favor of arming teachers yesterday, Rubio rejected that position during the town-hall debate.

That’s all the credit I am willing to give Marco Rubio, however, because he otherwise got thrashed. Here, for instance, is the father of a Florida school shooting victim telling Marco Rubio that his comments “and those of Trump have been pathetically weak” to rousing applause from the crowd.

Father of Florida school shooting victim to Marco Rubio: "Your comments this week and those of trump have been pathetically weak" 👏 #StudentsStandUp

— Ricky Davila (@TheRickyDavila) February 22, 2018

But this? This is the self-own of all self-owns: What would you have us do, Rubio asks, “ban every semi-automatic weapon in America?”

Yes, exactly that. This is the moment that the crowd goes wild with approval, leaving that poor schmuck’s face drenched in egg.

Same, dude. Same.

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